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To create Artist Management names, we have compiled a list of associated words - painter, musician, writer, composer, sculptor etc. Use our domain name generators to create niche names and check availabilty instantly.

501 Artist Management Names

Musician/Artist Agency Name Required for Experimental Partnership - 126 names

Something that conveys - earth / plants / grow / natural would be nice but not essential // could look at forms / shapes eg Arc (already taken) // hippy but not too hippy Focus is on holistic growth of artists, working in a fair way..

Artist/Deejay Needs a Name - 131 names

Hi All, We are looking for a name for a DJ/Artist. The name shouldn't be too long and should have an international appealing...

Name for a Marketplace where Artists Can Sell Their Artwork on Cell Phone Cases - 190 names

We have a sub division of a company we'd like to brand for our custom cell phone cases and custom skinning we offer... A name like "shout!"... something exciting and easy branded... can be a generic word.

Art Curation & Artist Collaborations Business - 65 names

Looking for name for a business that will serve as a platform for large scale, high-end art and artist collaborations. Niche is well-educated, sophisticated and monied. Ideally a .com domain available

Portfolio / Social Website for Aspiring Artists - 149 names

A website where aspiring artists (painters, photographers, sculptors, fashion designers, writers, designers, animators, etc.) can easily share their work with others, create a clean and professional portfolio, and follow the work of othe..

Legal Help for Artists & Independent Businesses - 230 names

When a small business receives a cease and desist letter, is on the wrong end of a meritless lawsuit, or simply faces a legal question or hurdle it can't overcome, too often it is forced to give up - not because the business is in the wr..

Catchy/Short Domain Name (Digital Fantasy/Scifi/Semirealism and Fanart Artist) - 341 names

Domain name doesn't have to be necessarily available, but it'll save me trouble of checking. .com, .nu, .gg, .co all OK!..

Name for Artist Promotion Platform - 228 names

Go ahead show me what you've got. :)

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