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15 Better Life Name Contests

Trendy Gifts Wedding Home Decor and Boutique Goods

Winner is out of 143 names

Our products are trendy boutique style shop that include home decor, wedding, mugs, posters, wood wall art...etc...We need a name that could be sentimental, positive thinking/inspiring, chic, or even abstract with some hip words. Stop a..

Retailer General Merchandise and Household Goods.

Winner is out of 105 names

Retailer of general merchandise and household goods. Company model is based on the walmart /target model but to be established on a smaller scale. Seeking brand able and easy to remember name. Aim to make the

Good Food Import

Winner is out of 109 names

Name for company that import traditinal tasty and all naturall foods from small countries like Armenia, Georgia into US. Main product are vegetables preserves, sauses, jams, deli foods and cookies.

Website With Good-Value Product Recommendations

Winner is out of 198 names

Hi, I want to start a website similar to Review/comparison/recommendation website with good valued products. clues: -buy it for life products -good quality, long lasting items...

Career Coaching for Do-Gooders

Winner is out of 220 names

An innovative, very personal and fun career coaching business for people trying to find work in the environmental/sustainability/humanitarian sector. The focus is on helping people to identify the career path that will make them happie..

A Brand Name for a Sporting Goods Company

Winner is StrikeSports out of 166 names

A brand name for a sporting goods company that focuses on team sports. Initially we are focusing on baseball and softball but plan on launching products for other areas...

A Website for Deferred Payments Service for Digital/Virtual Goods

Winner is out of 96 names

I would like to start a payment service which allows users to purchase digital goods and services instantly but pay some time later (a week or a month). The amount will be paid via the phonebill...

Domain for Motivating Measuring and Rewarding Doing Good

231 names

Reciclata (our name till now) is a platform, which crowd-sources the effort and gamifies the experience of doing environmental and social good. Reciclata enables its users to do good by creating a fun social experience where users can k..

Sounds Good Easy to Remember

424 names

I need a 4-8 character name that sounds good, easy to remember. It need not be a word anywhere...

Website for Selling Digital Goods

186 names

Website for selling digital goods Would like a catchy one word domain Or A domain with the word 'file' in it.

Amazing Magic Wow Goods!

210 names

Shop of amazing goods!

Name for a Used Goods Marketplace

313 names

Hey! I am starting an online platform for buying and selling used mobile phones...

The Place for Custom Goods and Near Located Services

159 names

I am looking for a name for a website (like a marketplace) where people will be able to order some custom/on-demand goods and talk with their producers/manufucturers. Those things could be something like handmade things, but not onl..

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