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15 Board Name Contests

Trucking Load Board

Winner is out of 277 names

Business explanation: Trucking load board is an online platform (similar to classified ads for truckers) where trucking companies / individual truckers: - find and post loads & freight - post their trucks - search and match trucks wi..

Skateboard Brand

Winner is out of 260 names

Hello, we are European skateboard and longboard manufacturer - - and we would like to create new brand for marketing purposes of and selling a small series of original skateboard decks. We are looki..

Flexible Simple Online Dashboarding Site

Winner is out of 128 names

A new online reporting platform in the form of a self-serve dashboard which can be used to integrate and visualise data from multiple sources. Primarily this has been used for analysing customer satisfaction and market research data but..

Mobile Billboard Advertising Service

Winner is out of 300 names

Name for company that offers mobile billboard advertising service throughout the US on 18-wheeler fleet.

Standup Paddle Board (Sup) Shop

Winner is out of 48 names

Looking for a short, catchy name for an online paddle board shop. Ideally would contain SUP as pre/post fix...

Liveaboard Girl Sailing Ocean Waves Coastal Living Lassie

Winner is out of 55 names

Type of name? Cute, funny, witty - just not cheesy How long should the name be? up to 20 characters Target audience? women, liveaboards, small space living decorators, female boaters

Social Network-Powered Job Board With Career Advice

Winner is out of 124 names

A Job board (like specifically aimed at teens and young adults following non-academic careers (hairdresser, construction work, sales, ...). The offering includes information on professional education and career choices and ..

User Onboarding Tour Builder

Winner is out of 199 names

This website will let people build tours (like this to help onboard new users to web applications. I'm imagining something that starts with the word User, but open to better suggestions.

Marketing Insights Reporting Dashboard

Winner is out of 114 names

A Dashboard which aggregates and reports data from multiple sources (API's) regarding your online and offline marketing mediums. Furthermore, it provides key insights towards improving your campaigns leading to complete automation.

Electric Skateboards Brand Name

Winner is out of 166 names

Name for a brand of electronic people transportation systems like hoverboards, electric skateboards and scooters, etc. Need a friendly clever name that's easy to spell. Shorter is preferable.

Domain Name for Hoverboards Ecommerce

Winner is out of 145 names

Need a domain name which clearly and immediately shows that it is a website for sale of hoverboards, better if it is clear that only BEST hoverboards are on sale; website will sell only high quality hi-tech hoverboards and electric boa..

Handmade Custom Cutting Boards

Winner is out of 120 names

We make custom hardwood cutting boards and sell direct. However, we are looking to create a brand-able online presence...

Geolocation Bulletin Board App Name

Winner is out of 279 names

It´s a name for a geolocation bulletin board app that let users know what people are saying arround them. You go in and find what people said in a 2 mile radius...

New Employee Onboarding Software

Winner is out of 168 names

New employee onboarding software. Employers can login, upload the necessary forms for the new employee to fill out. The employee will get an email/sms with details for them to login and fill out the forms.

Healthcare Job Board

Winner is out of 171 names

The website/app will advertise healthcare job openings. This will be set up as a pay per click site.

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