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A Website where People Can Collect Money Together for a Great Gift/Cause - 271 names

It will be a website where people can create an event set a goal and invite his/her friends. They will get an email with a link to a page with more information about the event, like who has paid, how much their is still left to be con..

Name for Direct Sales Company That Buys & Sells Gold Silver and Collectibles - 152 names

This new company will buy gold for cash, and to other customers will sell gold bars and coins. It will also buy and sell collectibles of various kinds...

Collection of Hand Picked Technical Videos for Entrepreneurs Software Developers - 99 names

The website will contain videos (only) for the IT industry. Software developers, programmers, testers, database admin, unix/linux etc...

Automated Debt Collection Cloud Software - 57 names

Cloud Debtor Management Portal Sends automatic sms reminders, automatic schedule follow up calls, automated payment processing, purchase credit reports, escalate to debt collection agency Syncs to existing accounting programs On..

Mobile Data Collection Form Builder Application for Research Scientists - 162 names

This is a web application that allows users to easily design and build tablet PC oriented data collection forms. These forms can be deployed to any number of users/mobile devices...

Youtube Channel Name for Collective of Musicians - 181 names

Hi everyone! We are a collective of musicians who owns a YouTube Channel...

Girls Clothing Collection - 203 names

Brand name needed for a children's (GIRLS - ages 1 to 8) clothing collection. Name should be in English and should be CUTE and MEMORABLE...

Collector to Collector Art Sales Website - 185 names

The website will be the fastest, most private place to buy and sell art. Useful for contemporary art collectors as an alternative to auction houses and art dealers. Winner will be awarded $600.

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