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Mobile marketing platform for smartphones

Name Contest by gioris

We are considering any type of name, from words that just sound good to compound meaningful names

mobile marketing campaign management platform

Target audience consists of Marketing Managers of big brands. I would say fortune 500 brands but that would narrow it down.

ideal beneficiaries and thus ideal clients of the service would be mostly airlines(such as british airways), sport teams (such as Barcelona),Retail stores (such as Dixons) and mobile operators (such as Vodafone)

The platforms delivers marketing campaigns to the hands (smart phones of any kind) of users using a Web Activated Rich Push Notification Campaign . It utilizes smart phone apps to do that.

To understand what is a WARP make a mental picture of an SMS on steroids!

  • SMS is invasive iThe WARP campaign is as invasive as the sms but the user could request it as well (by scanning printed material for instance)

  • The SMS can take advantage of 140 text characters.... The WARP can handle any kind of graphic text or video

WARP can also handle any gesture (such as payments, bookings and purchases all with one click)

the platform allows Marketing Managers to design, target and send any campaign they can imagine to any segmented geolocated part of their App users in minutes.

This approach in a sentence creates a new revenue stream for brands

This contest is no longer active

47 entries were submitted. The winning entry was posted by Siji.

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