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Real estate website for renters

Name Contest by Nadiner

I’m looking for a name for a real estate portal which specializes in residential renting (ie: not sales, not commercial property etc, just rental homes)

The main draw of the portal is that there are lots of tools to help renters streamline the search for their new home and save them time (which is currently often wasted going to viewings of unsuitable places).

The service is mainly aimed at young professionals, and I’d like something that sounds creative, unique and memorable (ie not just Easy Rent or something predictable like that). The type of brand personality I am going for is fun and slightly quirky, but that also comes across as professional and reliable.

As I plan to advertise on radio, the name/domain also needs to be easy to spell/spelled as it sounds.

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114 entries were submitted. The winning entry was posted by Unez.

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