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Online Backup & Storage website

Name Contest by gaurav.a.kohli

Hi! I'm looking for a .com (minimum availability) name for a personal service (individuals would be using the service, not enterprises) for online backing up of your computer's hard disks. The audience is mostly US/North America/West Europe (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain etc)/Australia.

The business is similar to (This is a great place to make sure you think along the right lines)

A good suggestion for the name would be a short one to two word name, with one or more of the keywords below. cloud (this is a top priority keyword!), online, backup, rescue, guard, safe, doublechecked, copy (don't use in a manner that indicates that it's a service related to copywriting or content writing), reserve, pool etc

I would prefer names without TYPOS. The name must be easy to remember (hence the shorter the better). I'm not too keen on names like Yammer which have no relevant words in them at all but am open to imaginative inputs...I like names like,,

Also, its important for people to see the benefit in the name itself (hence my keyword suggestions above & the choice of names that I like).

Thank you for your time & participation. I look forward to receiving queries & ultimately, that kick-ass name!

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148 entries were submitted. The winning entry was posted by eva.

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Online Backup & Storage website

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