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We are looking for a name for our video game project. It would be a first person shooter very similar to Star Wars, including force powers.

The game would involve battles between the Light side and the Dark side, a force power is like the telekinesis, which allowing you to move objects with your mind.

The name must not contain anything related to Star Wars, such as Jedi and Sith. But you can use some words being similar to "mind", "force", "battle", "saber", "blade",... , it's main goal is also to reproduce almost the same gameplay as a previous Star Wars game.

Names I Like: mindforce, lightsorb, jedi knight
Keyword Suggestions: academy , council , dark , first , force , game , jedi , knight , light , mind , name , person , power , quake , saber , shooter , sith , star , video , wars / add more...

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