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Catchy domain needed for Culture - Technology website

Name Contest by xhazun

The site we are planning to start will be a hybrid news/product review site in which the share and comment on interesting stories or products we find on the net. By interesting stories they can range from humorous to shocking to stupid things people to interesting art and s on. The same goes for the products we review. They wont be products that are readily found in store but little gems we find on the net.

The logo we are already planning will incorporate a robot and many of the things we will cover on the site will be in the geeky/tech sector, hence the techy type logo. However, the site will not be completely tech or geek oriented as stated before

We have been debating using the word machine in the domain so any ideas with that word are welcome . We do not want the words Sale, News, Views, Reviews or Product in the name.

We would like the domain to be unique, catchy, and no more than 2 words, the shorter the better.

Only .com domains

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57 entries were submitted. The winning entry was posted by voskomo.

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