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A good name for a mathematical formula that allows a company to measure their development team’s (IT) effectivity and capacity. The formula provides a way to mathematically assess the team, quantifying the performance of its people, the tools they’ve been given to work with, and the environment in which they’re being asked to work. The three components of the formula the formula accesses are People, Organization and Complexity.

I'm looking for a single, easy to remember word preferably. A single word that embodies how you can for the first time know where the problems are in an IT department or company and fix them. The formula's key component is people, and it will put a number on a person's capabilities.

I don't want to use .am

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  • Compounds (FaceBook, YouTube, WordPress)
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  • Open to all ideas
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Vested, Lean, Dice, single real words
Words to Avoid:
acronyms, made up words, IT, People, success, math, horsepower

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