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Riverfront property used for private parties, tent camping, weddings etc.

Name Contest by Michael

Looking for catchy, easy to remember .com domain name without any dashes. Will be for riverfront property website for camping and short term land rental for parties, weddings and other private events. Located on the Illinois River, boaters will also be able to see a sign and have ability to camp overnight. This is several acres of land only. No buildings, restaurants, cabins, etc. Although I may build some rental cabins in the future. This will be marketed primarily as a retreat or getaway short term (daily or overnight) destination. Would like a generic yet catchy name that doesn't limit the offerings should we expand the use of the land in the future.

Domains I've considered but aren't available include:,,

Note: is available but too many words.

A few other domains found that were available but I felt were not satisfactory included:,,, and I declined these due to not being very catchy or easy to remember.

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52 entries were submitted.

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