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Here's a fun mix to work with:

I'm a Scottish Guy Moving to Poland to start my own Gym - and plan on branching it out to become my own little Strength and Conditioning Empire.

Information so far: Please ask for more if you have any questions!

Gym is primarily Strength Equipment, so focus is definitely on the S&C side rather than classes or cardio side of the industry.

I've got a piece of artwork/tattoo design done to symbolise my move (Polish eagle with Scottish thistle in it's talons) - Name doesn't have to include this, but it would be a bonus to have it all tie in

See Name List Below for favourites so far: Hopefully it gives a better understanding of my general ideas.

Gym itself will be in southern Poland, however I will be advertising courses and training camps to the uk and the rest of europe - so nothing in Polish please.

Nothing I have come up with so far has grabbed my by the fun parts yet, so I'm really hoping you guys and girls can inspire! The only thing I liked so far I thankfully found the potential disaster before choosing:

"the eagles nest" - sounded great until I twigged the historical reference, and that going to Poland with this probably wasn't the best start to a business!

Trying to keep this description up to date to keep people going:

I had the eagles nest, a variation could "The Eyrie". Not the exact same word, but same idea. I've spent time looking up Pictish warriors or clans. God's of victory (yes Nike is probably taken) but Andraste might be around? Hope that helps you even a little bit.

The idea is to set up a brand that not only covers this single gym, but can become something that sounds good across all areas of the fitness industry: So a hub of inforation, a training style, supplements, clothing etc.

Name Types :
  • Compounds (FaceBook, YouTube, WordPress)
  • Tweaked words (Flickr, Lyft, Pinterest)
  • Made-up words (e.g. Yammer, Etsy, Skype)
  • Open to all ideas
Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
The Eyrie, Andraste , Iron Eagle, Performance Matters, Evolution Strength, Celtic Conditioning
Words to Avoid:
Toning, Fat loss, Abs

107 names posted

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