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The winning entry is Microutlet.com.

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This site will be similar to Ruelala.com or GiltGroupe.com, it will offer a large amount of products only from the best brands at sale prices. It includes clothes, shoes, electronics, watches, and much more... In Europe there is a site called Buyvip.com so I need a short but really cool name, I really hope you can help me!!

Latest Contest Winners

Online outlet store

47 name ideas

Domain Name Contestant
Amydala.com techpop
Benevoci.com Ian Eston
BrandsSale.com Katrin
Brandstal.com Maarja-Liis
Exclusign.com Maarja-Liis
Fashtop.com Maarja-Liis
Figurede.com Maarja-Liis
GrantVip.com Katrin
HaggleBall.com techpop
Lolllz.com CarTouch
Luxeriche.com Ian Eston
Luxetore.com AnuMari
Luxpointe.com Maarja-Liis
MartMajestic.com freelancers2all
Medilot.com Maarja-Liis
Micrit.com Maarja-Liis
Microutlet.com caaach
NetMartSummit.com freelancers2all
Palpatin.com techpop
Poshhy.com Ian Eston
Poshtore.com AnuMari
RoyaleRetail.com freelancers2all
Salephon.com Maarja-Liis
Savadala.com techpop
Shineriche.com Ian Eston
Shopcroo.com techpop
Stofile.com Maarja-Liis
Storale.com Maarja-Liis
StoreCharm.com Katrin
StoreFortune.com Katrin
Storink.com Maarja-Liis
Stylale.com AnuMari
Stymap.com Maarja-Liis
Stymar.com Maarja-Liis
Toprang.com Maarja-Liis
Toptyle.com Maarja-Liis
Vipsty.com AnuMari
Viptal.com Maarja-Liis
Vivacrew.com techpop

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