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The winning entry is Ecolibriums.com posted by Genesis

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angle, aperture, balance, blowup, calibrate, camera, closeup, colour, compo, composition, contrast, darkroom, depth, diffuse, enlarger, exposure, field, film, filter, finder, flash, focal, focus, format, frame, image, iso, lens, lenses, level, light, lux, macro, matrix, meter, micro, monitor, negative, pan, panorama, perspective, photo, photography, pic, picture, portrait, positive, print, range, resolution, retouching, scale, scene, screen, servo, sharpness, shoot, shot, shutter, slide, snap, still, studio, sync, tone, tripod, viewfinder, zoom
account, adjust, administer, advice, afford, allocate, analysis, analyze, appraise, assess, asset, assets, atm, auction, audit, bailout, balance, bank, banking, bargain, bid, bill, board, bond, bonds, book, books, borrow, bought, budget, business, buy, capital, cash, cent, change, check, clerk, collateral, commodity, compound, conserve, control, correct, cost, coupon, credit, currency, deals, debt, deposit, dime, discount, dividend, dollar, dollars, donate, donation, donor, earn, earnings, economics, economist, economy, equity, estate, estimate, euro, exchange, expense, expensive, finance, financial, financier, fiscal, forecast, fund, gold, income, insider, insurance, insure, interest, invest, investment, investor, journal, lend, lender, liquid, loan, loss, manage, margin, market, means, mint, money, mortgage
aerobic, athlete, beauty, bio, bodybuilding, burn, diet, endurance, exercise, fitness, flex, gym, health, life, lift, muscle, nutri, run, skinny, spa, sport, strong, trainer, training, vital, vitamin, vitamins, weightloss, workout
accelerate, accelerator, accident, airbag, alley, asphalt, auto, automobile, avenue, backseat, barrier, bicycle, bike, boulevard, brakes, bridge, bus, car, carpool, causeway, caution, chauffeur, circle, cloverleaf, clutch, court, crash, crossing, cruise, curve, danger, deadend, dent, detour, dirtroad, drive, driver, driveway, emergency, emission, exhaust, exit, expressway, fast, fastlane, fender, freeway, fuel, fueltank, garage, gas, gasoline, gear, gearshift, go, greenlight, gridlock, gutter, headlights, highoctane, highway, hill, hybrid, idling, impact, indicator, insurance, interchange, intersection, interstate, jackknifing, kilometer, kilometers, kph, lane, leftturn, license, lights, loop, map, marker, merge, mile, motor, motorcycle, motorway, mph, octane, oil, overpass, park, parking, parkway, pass, patrol, pavement, pedal, pedestrian, permit
annulus, arc, asymmetry, bipyramid, cardioid, circle, concave, cone, convex, crescent, cube, cuboid, curve, cylinder, decagon, disc, dodecahedron, dot, ellipse, ellipsoid, gnomon, heart, helix, heptagon, hexaflexagon, hexagon, hexahedron, hyperboloid, hypersphere, icosahedron, interval, kite, line, lozenge, nonagon, octagon, octahedron, orb, oval, paraboloid, parallelogram, pentagon, plane, point, polygon, polyhedra, prism, pyramid, quadrilateral, ray, rectangle, rhombus, round, sector, semicircle, shape, shapeless, sphere, spheroid, square, star, symmetry, tesseract, tetrahedron, torus, trapezium, trapezoid, triangle, wedge
air, antenna, call, card, cell, cellular, click, com, connect, connection, dial, far, fone, gsm, handheld, line, link, message, mobi, mobile, network, phone, portable, radio, range, roam, sat, smart, sms, tel, tele, text, vox, wireless

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