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Name Contest by Karsten

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The winning entry is BeatingTheRatRace.com.

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I want to create a blog where I'm going to write about starting a business when your above 30 with family, children, house, mortages and all the other responsibilities that can limit your time and chances for success. I'm starting full time soon, but have driven my company part time for many years (without any significant income).. I'm going to share my up's and down's and hopefully help others who are thinking about starting their own business.

Please think out of the box - you dont need to use my words below... but it must sound good.,

70 name ideas

Domain Name Contestant
30Entrepreneur.com Cute Thalia
30nline.com AnuMari
BeatingTheRatRace.com beccawitz
BizLog30.com freelancers2all
BizMeetLife.com beccawitz
BizPreneurCast.com freelancers2all
BuildBoost.com Cute Thalia
BusinessOperate.com Cute Thalia
Entrefameur.com Bulberry
EntrepreneurLead.com Cute Thalia
FabizlousFamily.com Bulberry
Incomess.com AnuMari
Interspreneur.com Bulberry
KickOffPassion.com beccawitz
KickStartPassions.com beccawitz
LifeMeetBiz.com beccawitz
Motivous.com beccawitz
Ourmanyhats.com beccawitz
RatRaceChamp.com beccawitz
Seniorous.com Cute Thalia
Successfaction.com beccawitz
UpEntrepreneur.com beccawitz

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