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Site - Company name and URL for Gamers Community Site

Name Contest by jan

I'm looking for a name for a gamers' community site - which is strong/powerful, hints at it's contents (gamer community) and is not overly long.

  • The community site will cover all genres of games and gaming - with the emphasis on the gamer him/herself.
  • Their will be various subdomains managed by outsiders, e.g.: "". So it's kinda key that the name is fun enough for somebody else to have it in his or her own address.
  • The webaddress needs to be available with .com, .be and .nl extentions (next to that as many as possible - so a pretty unique name).

I have been playing around with stuff like gamersinc, igamer, gamershell, gamerssyndicate and such... But first of all they are never available, secondly they are not really that clever or unique and lastly some are just too long imo.

So that's basically it...

Strong - not overly long name for a gamers community site (and company), that is fun, inviting, and also a little 'tough'. ;)

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105 entries were submitted. The winning entry was posted by Name Fling.

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Site - Company name and URL for Gamers Community Site

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