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I am looking for an easy to remember catchy name for online ecommerce business. We will sell Private Label physical (non electronic) products in a few categories such as: sports, clothes, accessories for clothing, homewares, kitchen small tools, craft goods, essential oils for aromatherapy.

The name (BRAND-NAME) should follow these guidelines: 1) Easy to spell and remember by an english speaker or native ; 2) Shorter is preferable (one word only would be great, it doesn't need to be real) ; 3) Available domain ; 4) Must not have been already registered as a trademark in USA, do uspto trademark check at or use ;

Target audiences are online shoppers that want premium quality products.

If the name is very generic, some made-up word, it should allow the addition of a suffix in order to better reflect a specific type of products. For instance "BRAND-NAME Natural" for products in "essential oils for aromatherapy" category.

Name Types :
  • Compounds (FaceBook, YouTube, WordPress)
  • Tweaked words (Flickr, Lyft, Pinterest)
  • Made-up words (e.g. Yammer, Etsy, Skype)
  • Open to all ideas
Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted

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