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I need name ideas for:

We will be launching our brand new online movie website just like:-


But of course those are taken, we are looking names like :-


Something catchy, something short and memorable.

Good luck!

Keyword Suggestions: 1 , 123 , 2 , 3 , box , channel , etc.... , flick , link , look , show , tv , view , watch / add more...

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Hi DEBS, is £100 extra reward still valid for this contest?

- Cute Thalia, 2 years ago

It is but since we promised the same in the past yet we faced some communication problem between our team and NameStation, hence the delay. Once our finance department sort that out hopefully the promised £100 will be there.

Good luck.

- DEBS, 2 years ago

I remember a past contest that promise some cash (200 GBP) as an extra award that at the end (I think) choose me as a winner, I believe the contest already deleted now (by Contest Holder).

Are you refer to that past contest? Since I don't have the extra cash award. Not being rude, just asking.

- Cute Thalia, 2 years ago

Our team are handling the past contest. they will shortly let you know through Taneo.

- DEBS, 2 years ago

No-one has contacted me about issuing any awards to anyone.

- Tauno, 2 years ago

Hi DEBS, could you clarify that?

Before I have been contacted by Tauno that stated I did won the contest and remind me about the some extra awards (200 GBP and some of Twitter followers). He also ask me if I have receive those extra awards, which I stated that I'm not receive it yet.

Extra awards promises by contest holder has been privately discussed by me and Tauno months ago, here the link:

I believe extra (cash) award did get me more attention on this (also past) contest and I would like to have those extra awards.

- Cute Thalia, 2 years ago

Hi DEBS, any update about my past extra reward?

- Cute Thalia, 2 years ago

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