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Update! We need your help to brainstorm the right URL for people to visit when they are seeking a great night out at a local bar or restaurant. The site will be a resource when you're trying to figure out where to go for dinner or drinks...the aim is to discover a new place to go (trivia night anyone?) or to find out what your favorite restaurant has for specials (seasonal offerings, 2 for 1's, or live music).

A name/url should inspire one to leave the house, try something new, and enjoy where you live. Not just for great food and atmosphere but for a sense of community and connection.

Sources of names could be well known restaurant or eating metaphors/ doesn't have to be too literal and ideally not too long.

105 name ideas

Domain Name Contestant Th4lia Naik voskomo Naik freelancers2all BOOMerang kaamox PoWeRoNiCs johlok freelancers2all amsmes26 amsmes26 Naik PoWeRoNiCs PoWeRoNiCs PoWeRoNiCs voskomo Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Naik Naik Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia Th4lia freelancers2all Naik Naik Naik Naik Naik Naik Th4lia PoWeRoNiCs BOOMerang BOOMerang eva BOOMerang kaamox kaamox Th4lia BOOMerang eva eva BOOMerang kaamox freelancers2all BOOMerang kaamox PoWeRoNiCs PoWeRoNiCs PoWeRoNiCs PoWeRoNiCs kaamox Naik freelancers2all voskomo voskomo voskomo Bulberry Bulberry Naik Th4lia Th4lia voskomo Th4lia freelancers2all voskomo Bulberry Naik freelancers2all Bulberry Bulberry Bulberry

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