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15 Cooking Name Contests

Living Natural and Cooking Vegetarian

Winner is out of 199 names

Green Natural Living, Vegetarian recipes,

A Trendy Gourmet Gluten-Free Cookie Subscription Box

Winner is out of 163 names

A gluten-free cookie subscription box that is for women in their 20s to 30s who want something that is trendy, modern and indulgent. The cookies are gourmet and instead of the traditional gluten-free chocolate chip cookie they will be d..

Fun and Creative Name for Blog About Crafts Cooking Pets DIY and More!

Winner is out of 92 names

Looking for a creative and fun name for a new blog that will cover all kinds of topics including DIY, crafts, pets, cooking, gardening and generally whatever else I think of to post about. The name should be easy to spell, and preferabl..

Recipe and Cookbook Sharing Website

Winner is out of 35 names

We need to devise a name (with an available domain name as well) for a recipe and cookbook sharing website and social networking site we are creating. The name can be something predictable like with actual readable engli..

Cooking App

Winner is out of 112 names

We're building a cooking app and need some domain suggestions. Think of the site as a recipe box like site. Open to "web 2.0" like domains, such as removing a vowel (e.g. flickr).

Cookie Charity Needs a Catchy Name! (Not Domain Name ;))

Winner is The Sweet Samaritan out of 169 names

Hello! My mom is awesome...

Cannabis Cooking Show and Cookbook

Winner is out of 74 names

Well...the title is pretty self explanatory. Domain name MUST be available.

Science of Cooking App and Show

141 names

I'm looking to start a YouTube show around the science of cooking. The industry term for this is "molecular gastronomy," but that is a very wonky name that might confuse normal folks.

Cooking Website - French and English Speakers

76 names

I am currently working on a website that will be a cookbook / meal planner for both French and English speakers. Its name should be in accordance with the following criterias : - Available (or accesible) .com domain is mandatory...

Delivery for Home Cooked Food

109 names

I need a logo brand name for this type of service that I would like to offer: (authentic home cooked/made meals offered as a delivery service or through food stations at special occasions offered only by home chefs)

Cooking Ingredients Delivery Service

188 names

Service delivering ingredients for cooking with. My ideas have been things like ChefExpress, MealToGo, EatFresh etc...

Kid Cooking Site

159 names

I'm starting a website with my daughter. It's a website that will feature easy to cook recipes for kids...

A Series of Single Ingredient Cookbooks

208 names

A name to describe the feeling one gets when eating a new exciting flavor that you want to know more about. This is a gift item that is packaged with the ingredient and the cookbook...

Name for a Platform that Connects Cooks to People who Want to Eat Their Food.

127 names

Name for a online platform that connects cooks (hosts) to people who want to eat their food. Where people can join a meal being cooked in their area by a host. The host could be a professional cook, a single person in their own home etc..

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