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15 Create Name Contests

Create a Name for a New Kind of Airline.

Winner is out of 238 names

[Name] is a new kind of airline providing super-fast and luxurious international air travel. Using proprietary high-tech airplanes that travel at supersonic speeds, [Name] provides transport between the United States and several oversea..

Create Name for Online Boutique of Children's Clothing and Accessories

Winner is out of 184 names

We are a online boutique of children's clothing and accessories that specialize in current trends, for children under the age of 12. Our desired target audience are children who are stylish and fashion forward...

Create a Domain Name for a Website for Tech News for Less Experienced Users

Winner is out of 146 names

I'm trying to come up with a domain name for a website offering current tech news and community support for less experienced computer users. I'd like the domain name to be available in .com .net and .org, and be based around some keywo..

Create a Name/Domain for a Home Services Site.

Winner is out of 100 names

We are looking for a great name for our home services site. We partner with the nations leading providers that offer cable TV, home security, solar energy, home insurance and many other services that relate to the home...

Application that Lets Dynamically Create Online Stores

304 names

Purpose: This name is for an application that will allow people to create online stores on the fly. Niche: People who want to have/create an online store that is easy to manage at a minimum cost...

Intelligent Organiser that Allows You to Create Intelligent Lists.

312 names

The homepage has just "I add |_____| to |_____|". You can create "bubbles" or "collection" where you put anything (music playlists, todolist, things to buy) inside...

Looking for a Name that Implies "Create" or "Build"

157 names

It's for a company that builds online/mobile products for the public, e.g. like a 37signals or Firestarter Labs...

Company that Creates Profiles for Individuals for Online Dating

71 names

Company that creates profiles for individuals for online dating . Please try to come up with as many names as possible.

Create Name for Cutting Edge Media & Tech Focused Consulting Firm

201 names

We are a boutique-consulting firm based in Los Angeles founded to help forward thinking and disruptive clients navigate the radical shift taking place in the media and entertainment industries driven by emerging content creations, distri..

Create a Name for Personal Financial Advisor Like a Doctor Available for Help

141 names

We are creating a Personal Financial Advisor company for common man. The advisory company is like a doctor who you always have one call away to ask solution to to any financial problem...

Company that Creates Email Marketing Automations and Marketing Funnels

137 names

Hi, Our company (name to be decided by you fine people) help other businesses create their marketing funnels, landing pages and email marketing automations. We also offer (not as much) consulting, wordpress websites and FB ad managem..

Deploy/Create Company Name

221 names

Service: To enable a user to deploy their website to a server. I'm looking for a 1 word domain name...

Video Platform to Create Youtube Videos For Offline Business

273 names

An online solution that allows you to quickly and easily create YouTube videos for offline businesses. Just have to provide business logo, phone number,description, website, choose pictures and video, and it creates a video slideshow ab..

Marketplace With Personalized Designer Products (Create Buy & Sell)

183 names

The ideal name should be: short, easy to remember and write in most languages? ?..

Create Your Own Website/Portfolio Website

187 names

I operate a website that let's you create your own website or portfolio. It is similar to,, and I need a short and memorable name for it.

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