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Marketing Insights Reporting Dashboard - 114 names

A Dashboard which aggregates and reports data from multiple sources (API's) regarding your online and offline marketing mediums. Furthermore, it provides key insights towards improving your campaigns leading to complete automation.


Flexible Simple Online Dashboarding Site - 128 names

A new online reporting platform in the form of a self-serve dashboard which can be used to integrate and visualise data from multiple sources. Primarily this has been used for analysing customer satisfaction and market research data but..


Rebranding Our Online Marketing Dashboard / Analytics Solution - 140 names

Please read through the product pitch here: https://docs.google.com/a/webrepublic.ch/presentation/d/12MXs-mL5dK12HznlU8wcqhAG-dw3mcrdG28QPqsTMvU/edit#slide=id.p


Business Management and Intelligence Software With Dashboards - 310 names

Internet-based software to measure and manage any business. Integrated accounting, crm, and project management software.The key principle is: You manage what you measure...


Real-Time Visual Dashboard of Business Statistics Relating To Smart Businesses - 162 names

Looking for a short, fun, sexy name that is fun to say for our new company/domain. The purpose of this website is to help small businesses make smarter decisions...


All in One Dashboard for Business - 85 names

A fully contained in-browser web app that seeks to become a One Stop Dashboard for Business. This product will provide for all the organizational and management needs of a small/medium business including, but not limited to: >> Pr..

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Hand-picked names

BizArcExpress.com Biz-Deck.com
VisualBizBoard.com AllDataviz.com
SageMarketingInsights.com MaxDashboards.com
ManageDeck.com ManageDashboard.com
MeasureSight.com FusionDecision.com
HandyCEO.com IntelligentB.com
VerbatimService.com IntelliBizGrid.com
EBizSight.com MyBizController.com
DashboardMixer.com CycloBoard.com
InDashboards.com Bizpreneurr.com

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Cockpit Names

WebsiteCockpit.com CompartmentFlight.com
PlaneAirplane.com HelicopterFlight.com
GalleyAvionics.com CrewAirplane.com
FlightCabin.com WreckageCassette.com
TakeoffLavatory.com AirplaneCrew.com
AnalogPassenger.com AvionicsAnalog.com
RadarCompartment.com AirlockLavatory.com
ClassroomRear.com TakeoffFaulty.com
FuselageCompartment.com AirplaneHelicopter.com
FuselageGalley.com AirplaneCrew.com

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Speedometer Names

FlySpeedometer.com WristwatchHypodermic.com
ThermometerProofing.com DarkroomWristwatch.com
SeismographDruthers.com BarometricHypodermic.com
ProjectorsCamcorder.com OdometerDashboard.com
PhonographOdometer.com CamcorderDashboard.com
TunerHandsets.com HypodermicMultiscanning.com
BarometricDarkroom.com InsidesOdometer.com
SpeakerphoneThermometer.com ProofingInsides.com
SubzeroSpeakerphone.com PhonographInsides.com
ThermometerProofing.com ToasterSeismograph.com

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Airbag Names

AirBaggy.com AirbagInfo.com
LoungeAirbag.com MinicarDashboard.com
MinicarHosiery.com AvionicsRobotics.com
TopcoatTire.com StepperAirbags.com
MicrochipAvionics.com PhotovoltaicExcavator.com
ApplianceAviation.com RoboticsPlasterboard.com
GenericsAvionics.com LubricationPlasterboard.com
MicrochipAviation.com TireAirbags.com
RadiatorInhouse.com AppliancePhotovoltaic.com
ExcavatorInhouse.com RadiatorReverser.com

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