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Yelp-Like Members Only Discount App

Winner is SpotLoot.com out of 82 names

Uses gps to show nearby locations that are "in-network" that provide exclusive discounts for our members. Members get points for using their membership - points which are tracked and are used as currency for rewards and prizes...

Catchy Name for Online Shop Referral Discount Cashback Site

Winner is Docarto.com out of 166 names

I need a name to be used for an e-commerce site that will list/refer to online shops/merchants. Ideally it should be short and easily read pronounced in english and other latin language derivates...

Product Selling Website - Like Groupon - Not So Focused on Discounts

Winner is Shopizon.com out of 166 names

Like groupon, some featured products, but not so focused on super low prices - quality, showcased products - if possible works in spanish and English, not necessary though. I like two word names or single word names if possible, I don't..

Location-Based Discovery App

Winner is Scanzu.com out of 111 names

Our app finds interesting people around you, people who have the same interests of you. We need either the name for a "virtual guide" which helps people enlarging their network or, a creative name which is not necessary related t..

Community Focused Discount Computer Retailer

Winner is GetEasyPC.com out of 139 names

Our business will offer affordable computers to budget constrained schools, non-profit organizations, businesses and underprivileged communities in US. Proceeds from our sales will be used to offer free computer classes to these commun..

Entertainment Discovery Start-Up

Winner is Tastlike.com out of 122 names

We're looking for a name for an Entertainment Discovery start-up (a service that recommands movies, tv shows, music etc.) Original name: Tastr.com (already taken) We're looking for a name that is simple, international (easy to pronounc..

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