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    Crowdfunding for Local Small Business's

    Many small local businesses who seek project funding are unable to obtain it despite thousands of interested customers. We aim to launch small businesses through collaborative communities. We are a rewards-based crowdfunding platform for local small ..

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    Name for an Exclusive Club

    We are looking for an easy-to-spell and brandable name for an exclusive club. "Everyone wants to be part of a club that's just out of reach". You see this at nightclubs, elite colleges, exclusive restaurants and that's the impression that we need ou..

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    SaaS Product Company

    Looking at good brand recall name for a product company which is into software as a service

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    Name my Company

    i need a company name that's catchy modern and that is clever with its words this is a start up company for medical marijuana that while have two aspects to it one will be a mobile app with our dispensaries location through out the states that are lega..

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    Online API

    Service that alerts developers, ops team, administrators when something goes down almost instantly. website, scripts, process, ... Must be one word only, it can mean nothing like: uber, pingdom, bitly, ... Audience: Developers Domain extension..

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    Design and Print Service

    I currently run a design and print service named "{my name} Creative" However I would like to get away from using my name. I am currently a designer and create logos, flyers, posters, business cards etc.. for my customers and I pass the printing on. I ..

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    Luxury Watch Rental Service

    We are looking for an easy-to-spell/pronounce, simple, and brandable domain name for our mobile app. It is essentially a subscription rental service for luxury watches, a private membership club that gives you unprecedented access to hundreds of the wo..

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    • 30 votes

    Refurbish Electronics

    We are looking for a name for our service that will sell refurbish electronics of various major electronics brand (like Samsung, Apple and Motorola). We want the name to denote a sense of refresh like our service which gives a fresh life to old/obso..

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    Finetrading - Non-Bank Financing

    Non-bank financing of purchases of goods and raw materials. Non-bank financing of international trades and current assets. The business activity will be in Germany. Finetrading is an innovative instrument that can be used very easily and operati..

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    Soap Company Name

    Looking for a clever soap/skin care company name that incorporates the word "Yukon" (home town).

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    Organic Pizza Restaurant

    I am looking for name suggestions for a new restaurant chain which will serve delicious, organic, gluten free, high quality pizzas. We are looking for either a name related to the healthiness of our products or just a random, positive word which wi..

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    Jewellery Store

    Looking for a name for a jewellery store that sells both men and women's jewellery, watches. Has to be catchy and can either include the term "& co" or "jewellery" at the end. Nothing too long, between 5-8 characters. Something that is easy to pronounce

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    Clothing Line

    Brand name for clothing, apparel, textile range. 2 word names acceptable, easy to remember, identifiable with cloths or textiles. Classic. Non-English words acceptable, if they rhythm or are easy to remember in combination with english word.

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    Software Services and Product Development Company

    We are starting a new Software Services and Product development company. I would like names for the company which are 1. Short 2. Catchy 3. Unique 4. Easy to pronounce 5. .com domain availibility

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    Mobile App/ Website for Talent Based Marketplace

    I need a name for a start up (mobile application/website) that connects people with skills to people that want to learn them. This is a community forward business that is trying to enable members of their community to instantly find people that can..

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    Website to Assist US Military Members Transition to Business

    Hi, I am looking for a name for a website / online community that will be a "one-stop-shop" to US Military members that are transitioning out of the military and into business. Members of the US Military sacrifice much for their nation and when the..

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    Online Retail: Better World, Through Better Fashion

    A social company to sell sustainable (organic, fair trade....) fashion on line for a better world, given % of profits to NGOs. Slogan, "Be part of a solution" It will be a transparent company. I will start with T-shirts for millennials and polos f..

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    Aquatic Resources Network

    this is an aquatic therapy company where therapists come to learn how to treat their patients in the water. we want our new site to be the center of aquatic knowledge for the whole world.

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    Trump voters, news, election, politics, conservative, right, republican, American patriots, fed up, pissed off patriots. Some ideas I've had Therightrage Rightwriters Therightstuff Saywhatsonyourmind Americarages Americaraging Pissedoff..

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    Online Store/E-Commerse Store Just Like Ebay,Or Amazon

    Hi everyone, I am going to launch my first online store on shopify soon.Due to lack of time,I am unable to search or brainstorm store name. The store will not be just for one specific item or brand.I'll be listing different items from time to tim..

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    Website and Digital Marketing Packages Sale on Website

    Hi, I am looking for a domain name for my website development company where I will be selling the services as a product. Let's say there will be different packages for website development, SEO, SMM, video making and mobile application. I am expecting a..

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    Brand-Able Domain Name for Customized Clothing and Related Ac..

    Hello, I need a name for my website where I will be selling t-shirts, mugs, canvases, phone cases and such. I will be doing the designing but i need a name thats brandable and memorable. It doesn't necessarily have to be related to the niche but it doe..

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    Global Tech Communications Agency

    A global technology public relations and communications agency is looking to rebrand. We provide public relations and media outreach for avante-garde technologies (big data, data science, blockchain, virtual reality, etc) and also start-ups. We w..

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