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    Help Us Name Our Start-Up SaaS Company

    We are starting a software-as-a-service company that provides business operations software to other SaaS companies - basic CRM, email marketing, billing, and reporting tools. Basically one integrated system that gives a SaaS start-up 80% of the functio..

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    Functional or Integrative Medical Clinic

    In Functional Medicine we look at a person as a whole. We search to find the root cause of their symptoms, most of which boils down to poor gut health, malabsorption, and inflammation that have cascading effects causing mood disorders, autoimmune dise..

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    Educational Personalized Learning Platform

    This is an educational platform that brings all possible academic subjects (math, science, language, etc) to maximize learner’s efficiency on learning through personalized program. Let’s imagine a personal AI(Artificial Intelligence) learning coach suc..

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    Shopping Website

    Shopping website that will be specialising in selling electronics, fashion, home decor, etc it will target all audiences from young to old. The website will be similar to eBay and aliexpress.

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    Domiciliary Homecare Organisation

    I am looking to start a domiciliary homecare operation, specialising in providing care to the elderly in the London area. We will visit peoples homes to provide the care. I would like either a reassuring sounded brand name (i.e. Horizon Homecare) or a ..

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    Business & Domain Name for Referral Based Job Board/ Platform

    We are building an online job board/ referral platform to provide companies with the ability to create 'bounties/ rewards' for good hires. How it works is: 1. companies visit the site, create a bounty/ reward with a description and qualifications ..

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    Organic Turmeric Spice Blend to Make "Turmeric Lattes or Smoo..

    Hi all ! PURPOSE We are searching a name for our tasty organic turmeric spice blend (mixed with various healthy spices). When you mix our spice blend with milk you get the famous 'golden milk' or 'turmeric latte' or you can add it to your favori..

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    How to Open a Business - Domain Name

    We are looking for a domain name for website that will educate and guide readers on how to open a new business. We are looking for a memorable and brandable domain. No dashes or numbers please. Domains that would be perfect are: NowOpen.com Gr..

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    Self Defense + Fitness

    Domain name for business/website. Focus: Be strong, be prepared, be ready Audience: for men and women who want to be healthy and develop self defense skills

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    Natural Cosmetic Brand Name

    Hi, I'm looking for a brand name for a line of cosmetics made out of 100% natural and organic ingredients. The line itself will be branded and marketed on its own, but I will be using it in my clinic for cosmetic acupuncture as well. Target grou..

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    Witty Tech Consulting Name

    Needs to be easy to pronounce and not difficult to spell based on pronunciation. Preferably a .com. Primary services are showing companies the art of possibilities by revealing new tech solutions and process automation.

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    Urban Art Blog

    I'm making a blog about urban art. The main focus is not street art in public rooms, but art made by urban/street artists that you can buy and hang in your private home. It's not a blog about street art with pictures of graffiti walls, murals you can s..

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    Repair Order Management Technology Platform

    We are looking for a name for a new technology platform for commercial repairs order management and dispatch. This will be a cloud based B2B platform. Parent company positions itself based on technology expertise and integrity. Attributes for this p..

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    Women Personal Safety Training Website

    Looking for website name. Website will have blog, schedules and sign up for self defense training classes/presentations Audience: women and female teens. Name should be strong and empowering for women

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    Yoga/Surf/Motivational Lifestyle Apparel Line

    Hi, I'm looking for a domain for a Yoga/Surf Lifestyle brand. It's geared towards yogis, surfers, beach bums and anyone with a positive attitude. The main focus will be ultra-soft, fitted tee shirts with beautiful artwork and inspirational words. It..

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    Diet & Fitness Business

    It provides : 1) an assessment for people to select the best diet for weight loss based on their personality, habits, body type, lifestyle. They fill a questionaire and we make a recommendation 2) weight loss weekends in a tropical retreat with o..

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    Online Lingerie and Womens Clothing Store

    We currently have multiple online sales channels including eBay, Amazon and our e-commerce site. We are facing challenges registering a trademark for our existing brand and are seeking a new daring, fresh brand to trademark and take the company for..

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    Software Development Company

    Software company for developing mobile and web applications with innovative ideas. Should be easy to rememmber, less than 13 chars, can be made of two words, can be madeup word. Maybe could condain two letters next to each other. Maybe you can think ou..

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    Nutritionist, Esthetician, Personal Trainer Team Up

    Clients: M & W 18-70 yrs old. Quick weight loss diets. Whole Body Vibration strength training. Non-surgical ultrasound & laser spot fat removal. Skin tightening & wrinkle reduction. Skype weight loss coaching. Menus, recipes, grocery store tours,..

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    Second-Hand Mobile App/Service

    Easiest way to sell & buy between people in mobile app. Hi, We are working on mobile first marketplace which should be for people who want to buy or sell their stuff (old, unused). We are looking for a great name and available domain. A lot of pe..

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    Domain for Ecomm Marketplace 4 Edu Products & Services : Mynt..

    We are an ecommerce marketplace bring sellers and service providers of curricular and extra-curricular products and services online. Example of products: Uniforms, books, accessories, fancy dresses, educational toys Example of services: Chess Classe..

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    Decor/Interior Decorating/Organizing & Lifestyle Blog

    Seeking name for a new blog where I'll share decor items and decorating tips/tricks/advice and write about various lifestyle topics, such as baking/cooking/recipes, health/beauty. I hope my blog appeals to anyone wanting to learn how to decorate, ..

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    App Development Company

    Hi, We need a name for an app development company. Name must contain "apps" and founds on a nice word play such as: visuapps (visual), appsolute (absolute), appsitude, fantappstic... Or anything you find original but must include apps or app. ..

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    Social Media and PR Software

    Simple, elegant yet powerful and comprehensive tool designed to build audiences around companies, brands and people. Easily manage media relations, create content, and pitch stories to relevant audiences. Take control of what happens with testing devic..

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    Monster & Alien Masks, Helmets, Props and Special Effects Wor..

    I need a catchy name for a Special/Practical Effects Workshop. The production focus lies on: Monster & Alien Masks | Fantasy and Sci-Fi helmets | postapocalyptic headgear | Fantasy / Sci-Fi / postapocalyptic props The unique feature of the produc..

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    Coupon/Deals Website

    We need suggestions on renaming a coupons/deals site. The site lists good deals/sales/coupons both added by community as well as site staff. The name must be easy to remember and users should be able to get an idea about the site through the name...

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    Insurance Corporation

    Selling all line of insurance. Property, casualty, Life, health and etc. Looking for a very trendy, edgy, young and fresh name but at the same time a very professional name. My initials are AEM and located in the State of Florida It does not have to ha..

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    Home Improvement and Renovation Website

    Website gives the homeowner the ability to manage DIY projects, renovation projects and keep budgets related to home improvement projects. Would like a name that targets the do-it-yourself community and new homeowner. Looking for short memorable ..

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    Health Insurance Company

    I sell multiple types of insurance. Health insurance, supplemental, short-term, life, cancer, medical gap, dental, vision and prepaid legal. So I would like a website name that would appeal to all audiences

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    Travel Website

    I specialize in all Disney Destinations, cruising and all inclusives. I basically book and plan all types of travel. Family, couples, groups, honeymoons etc. the word Disney can NOT be in the name because of copyright.

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