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    Work for Bitcoin Doing Freelance Jobs & Projects

    Bitcoin freelancers site, where employers pay for projects in bitcoin and freelancers get paid in bitcoin doing freelance jobs. I don't need the word bitcoin in the domain. Here are some sample freelance sites: freelancer, guru, upwork, elance,..

    • 278 names
    • 8 keywords
    • 24 votes

    Freelance Web Developer / Digital Agency

    I am a freelance PHP / Magento developer (web developer) wanting to have a site that looks like a digital agency. Other Names I like from other agencies - LimeSoda, SessionDigital, AheadWorks. I like modern sounding names which don't necessarily ..

    • 304 names
    • 28 keywords
    • 9 votes

    Name a One-Person Freelance Temporary Secretarial Service

    I'm starting a business as a Freelance Temporary Secretary or an Administrative Assistant. Instead of working through a temporary employment agency, I will be contacting employers directly and offering my services on a freelance basis. I can cover ma..

    • 63 names
    • 15 keywords
    • 14 votes

    Creative Freelance Media Designer

    I'm building a freelance design business designing websites and graphic/marketing materials and would like a web 2.0 like word for the domain and/or brand. For example, something like Flickr, Pintrest or Creatify. I have expertise in all areas of d..

    • 121 names
    • 18 keywords
    • 34 votes

    Freelance Dietitian

    I want to find a name for my dietetic/nutrition company treating overweight/obesity, IBS, sports nutrition

    • 63 names
    • 16 keywords
    • 0 votes

    Freelance Writing Jobs Marketplace

    I have a new web site in the works that will be a job related site where people can post writing jobs that will be in an open marketplace. Writers of the site can then complete these job, and be paid for their articles. I am looking for a one or two..

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