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15 Friends Name Contests

Name for a Consumer-Friendly App that Sells Digital Prepaid Value Cards

Winner is out of 222 names

We need a name for a company (and an app) that sells digital prepaid value cards. With our app, you can send a card to someone as a gift and they can immediately go and buy in a range of different stores...

A Fun and Friendly Video Game Site for Kids

Winner is out of 289 names

Hi Guys, I'm creating fun and friendly games website for kids (boys & girls 5 - 13yrs) that has free app games and videos. This is for parents who know that their kids are on a friendly site with no concerns of adult/ teenage themes...

Eco-Friendly/Organic Children Store

Winner is out of 51 names

I would like to find a short and memorable name. I'm targeting parents and grandparents...

Eco-Friendly/Organic/Natural Cleaning Company

Winner is out of 114 names

House Cleaning Company specializing in natural cleaning services.

Retailer of Baby/Kids Products Eco-Friendly Toys But Also Gift Items for Adults.

Winner is out of 211 names

Looking for an available domain name. we are an online retailer that sells baby & kids products, pregnancy products, eco-friendly toys but also gift items for adults...

Eco-Friendly Retail Company Name and Website

Winner is out of 303 names

I need help naming a company that will specialize in selling retail goods that are made with recycled, organic or sustainable materials. The products type varies from household goods and cleaning products, apparel for men, women and ch..

Website where You Can Hire or Work for People/Friends

Winner is out of 210 names

On the website, you can hire people for all kind of services (contractors) such as handymen (plumber, carpenter), IT developers, tourist guides, translators, masseuse etc. The website is also focused on social network integration (so yo..

Name for Handcrafted Eco-Friendly Flower Amulets and Talisman Making Business

Winner is out of 168 names

We make handcrafted amulets and talismans from eco-friendly materials and real flowers that grow in the world-renowned Findhorn community in Scotland.

Service for Viewing Events Around You and Sharing Them With Friends

Winner is out of 97 names

Names must be .com, short i.e less than 10 characters and preferably less than 7 and memorable The shorter the better even if it is somewhat off from the site concept. We would prefer a catchy name that is short vs a descriptive name ..

Mobile App that Helps Friends Decide on a Time and Place to Meet.

Winner is out of 62 names

Looking for a fun and approachable name for an app that helps groups of friends decide on a time and place to meet. Ideal characteristics: - Between 3 and 6 characters...

Eco-Friendly E-Commerce for Babies and Moms

Winner is out of 71 names

Online eco-friendly shop, centered around making it easy for moms/families to make mindful decisions about the products parents choose and feel good about it. The site will offer not only products, but also a lot of content – all with a..

Introductions to Your Friends Single Friends

142 names

We are a new way for single people to meet and be introduced to their friends single friends. Our target market is young professionals aged 23 to 25...

Contact Managment App for Stay Updated About Your Friends

97 names

No More Out-of-Date or Duplicated Contacts! Do you know your friends already changed their phone numbers or added new social networks?..

Meet Your Friends

94 names

Target audience are people who travel a lot and want to make sure they will meet the friends or business acquaintances in other places they have.

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