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15 Group Name Contests

Name and Domain for a Group of Companies of Various Segments

Winner is out of 220 names

We need a name and a domain name that is generic for a group of companies. Ideally the name would be something that inspire, or has value, or is rare and brings confidence...

Consulting Group that Offers Customized Resources K12

Winner is out of 48 names

Name for a consulting company that helps source custom curriculum or instructional resources including technology, books, professional development resources for grades K-12 USA. We offer a virtual personal shopping experience for school..

Web App that Helps a Group Plan an Event or Trip Together

Winner is out of 58 names

This website helps a group plan an event together the group could be friends, coworkers, people from your church, volunteers, etc. the event could be lunch, dinner, concert, movie, weekend trip, etc...

Auto Parts and Service Group Deals

Winner is out of 40 names

Looking for a creative name for a group deals website for automotive parts and services. Think Groupon for the automotive aftermarket.

Dubai Business Consulting Group

Winner is out of 134 names

Looking for short and nice name for Dubai based Consulting & Business development group. Worldwide presence. Audience is business people, C Level people and high level people. We need nice name and domain name.

Manufacturing Advocacy Group

Winner is Friends of Manufacturing out of 233 names

We are looking for a brand name for a group of individuals who support manufacturing in the United States. The Facebook based group will share information (trends, legislation, regulations, policy, trends, economic facts) about manufact..

Business Networking Group Name

Winner is out of 284 names

We need a short snappy name, perhaps joining two words/made up word or part words to create a word. There is an existing group called Bizruption, so something similar (however different) would be great...

Group Housing Charity

Winner is out of 135 names

Need a name for a nonprofit that is working to build group homes/shelters for disabled, low income, and Veterans. We will need a .org domain

Consultancy Group

Winner is out of 227 names

The name is for a consultancy company.

Social Network Helps to Develop Relations Between Group of People in Game Mood.

Winner is out of 147 names

People who want real connectiona and relations under one interest or aim. People oldewr than 14 years...

Product Selling Website - Like Groupon - Not So Focused on Discounts

Winner is out of 166 names

Like groupon, some featured products, but not so focused on super low prices - quality, showcased products - if possible works in spanish and English, not necessary though. I like two word names or single word names if possible, I don't..

Group Gifting Website and App

Winner is out of 275 names

We are developing a website and an app to raise and manage the money gathered among friends to afford a present to another friend. The goal of the app is to manage seamlessly the group of friends involved in the present...

Name for Group of Unsung Heroes

160 names

We are looking for a brand name that captures the concept of someone being an unsung hero-someone who does good in the world with little to no recognition and without anyone knowing. These people do not seek accolades, but perform good ..

Medical Group

172 names

We are currently trying to name a new medical group / practice. The goal is to find a name that is a good prefix to other services they may offer (i.e...

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