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Investment Firm / Hedge Fund Name - 66 names

We need a name for our investment firm, commonly referred to as Capital Managers. The first part of this name will also be used in relation to the investment fund the investment firm manages...


Site for Software Developers that Uses Proceeds to Fund Tree Planting Charities - 219 names

Update: After seeing a lot of the suggestions, I think I'm more keen on a nice .io than a .com - a lot of the .com suggestions are two words joined together, there are some good ones in there, but I think I'd prefer something more branda..


Crowd Funding Domain Name - 399 names

Need a domain name for a crowd-funding site like kickstarter. Website is related to farming and agriculture crowd funding...


Crowdfunding Venture - 136 names

High net worth individuals who enjoy making their own investment decisions. ideally a name that suggests an action. eg doodle,


School Fundraising Site - 102 names

The name is for a school fundraising site (K-12). Requirements No more than two words (one or two short words preferred) No more than three syllables .com domain must be available (prefer .net and .org also be available but not..


A Crowdfunding Directory and News Site - 127 names

Create a .com domain for a website which Is a directory of all crowd funding sites. Crowd funding is where lots of people chip in to back or fund an idea. Use Any words relation to crowd and funding or pooling money

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Hand-picked names

ZoomCapitalManagement.com ExcelAssetManagers.com
ReliantCapitalFund.com EmergentCapitalFund.com
SteadyVentures.com NascentCapitalFund.com
AlphaIntuitiveFund.com AlphaPivotalFund.com
CapitalMangement.com RelyFund.com
PeopleReturns.com ArchReturns.com
TrueThriveFunds.com EnterpriseHedge.com
AbsolutePrudenceFund.com AxiomHedgeFund.com
SteadyReturnFunds.com NorthfieldInvestments.com
FortunaHedge.com ReturnsRaise.com

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Pawnshop Names

JunkyardBakery.com SerfCrematorium.com
KioskDiner.com HypermarketPizzeria.com
MarinaSupermarket.com TanneryBrothel.com
DinerBookshop.com SerfBookstore.com
SawmillCarwash.com TavernJunkyard.com
PharmacyPizzeria.com BookshopPizzeria.com
PharmacyHouseboat.com MortuaryBookstore.com
MortuaryKnifepoint.com TavernPharmacy.com
DrugstoreBookstore.com TavernPharmacy.com
CoffeehouseBrothel.com MotelKiosk.com

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Lathe Names

BioLather.com NiceNLathered.com
LuxeLather.com SolaThermal.com
LatherLuxe.com LusciouslyLather.com
OrganiLather.com Latheredyukon.com
Lathercar.com Lathercars.com
Percolather.com Nextlevelatheletes.com
Nextlevelatheletes.com Platherapies.com
SawmillAcrylics.com AgrochemicalsOpencast.com
HypermarketPrepress.com LathTractor.com
JukeboxSwitchboard.com CrematoriumElevator.com

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Speculator Names

WomanizerSyndicator.com EntrepreneurSyndications.com
ForesterEntrepreneur.com SpeculationEntrepreneur.com
SpeculativeFelon.com InvestorSalesperson.com
ArbitragerDrawdowns.com AppraiserSyndicators.com
FinancierSyndicators.com EntrepreneurFelon.com
SpeculativeArbitrage.com SyndicatorsWomanizer.com
ArbitragerFelons.com TycoonsWomanizer.com
SpeculationSpec.com SpeculationSyndications.com
EntrepreneurSyndications.com FelonDrawdowns.com
TycoonsJurist.com WomanizerDrawdowns.com

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