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15 Help Desk Name Contests

Social Network Helps to Develop Relations Between Group of People in Game Mood.

Winner is out of 147 names

People who want real connectiona and relations under one interest or aim. People oldewr than 14 years...

An Ecommerce Helpdesk Website Primarily Using Magento

Winner is out of 189 names

Hey guys, our team is starting a online business by providing solid ecommerce website development, support and maintenance efforts to individuals and enterprise. Primarily we are using Magento (Magento is an Open Source Ecommerce Softwa..

A Magento Development & Support Helpdesk Website

Winner is out of 254 names

Hey guys, our team is starting a online business by providing solid ecommerce website development, support and maintenance efforts to individuals and enterprise. Primarily we are using Magento (Magento is an Open Source Ecommerce Softwa..

Website for Helping People With Similar Interests to Get Together and Talk

Winner is out of 403 names

Something between a find-a-friend site (like and People sign up and choose conversation topics, and find talk partners in their local area...

App Discovery App Needs Your Help!!

Winner is out of 172 names

We're building an app that recommends other apps. We find that the Apple Store is doing a poor job of allowing people to find apps so we're building a social component to finding apps...

Stock App Community that Helps People Invest in Stock in a Smart Way

Winner is out of 177 names

We're creating an app / webservice that cater to beginner and intermediate stock investors. Our goal is to provide an information and recommendation that investors can trust and act upon...

Help Us With a Name: Search Engine for All Your Social Networks

Winner is out of 167 names

Fellow domainers; Please read the product description below and let me know of any good domain names available. The platform lets you connect email messages, contacts, calendar events as well as documents from Dropbox, Facebook, T..

Consulting Company to Help Businesses Access Data Residing in Existing Systems

Winner is out of 118 names

This is to name a consulting company that specializes in helping businesses unlock valuable data residing in their systems. This is done by warehousing and integrating data from existing systems and developing KPIs (Key Performance Ind..

Help Me With a Website Name Ideas

Winner is out of 154 names

I am looking to develop a membership website that will provide article content tips and products available that will help provide members with tools insight and other people to connect with to help with stress, anxiety, depression, suici..

Helping Conservatives and Liberals Understand Other Side on Specific Issues.

Winner is out of 189 names

This site helps conservatives and liberals understand the opposite point of view on specific issues. Right now, it's hard to find a fact- (instead of emotion-) based statement of a political viewpoint...

Non-Profit to Help Fight Climate Change

Winner is out of 127 names

A non-profit that will collect $1 donations to help invest in carbon reduction projects. I would like an original name that conveys the idea that multiple people will come together to give "one" and create impact...

Name for a Charity Helping Children in Africa

Winner is out of 110 names

Projects will be based in Gambia and Senegal and later also in the UK Our core values: Reciprocity, Self-organisation and believe in change We like words like: Future / Change / Children / Hope/ Please provide a justificatio..

Small Business Consulting Needs NAME! HELP

Winner is out of 188 names

I am starting a small business firm focused on web design/ development, social media strategy, lead generation, and videography as main service offerings. I am very right and left brained...

Self Help/Self Improvement/Lifehacking Blog

Winner is out of 130 names

Hey, I write lifehacks, tips and experiments you can use to improve your life. I started out with the domain, but I don´t think its catchy or memorable enough...

Name a Company that Helps You Find a Car Park Quickly.

Winner is out of 234 names

Possible Slogan: 'Get ahead of the crowd' 'Stressfree parking. Try to avoid using Carpark in name...

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