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Home Improvement Name Contests

Self Improvement Network

Winner is LifeUpMedia.com out of 102 names

My website/business revolves around helping people improve all areas of their life (health, relationships, work) via mediums like videos, blog posts, and eventually a thriving community that can help each other out. I would prefer the n..

Self Help/Self Improvement/Lifehacking Blog

Winner is HackerOfHappiness.com out of 130 names

Hey, I write lifehacks, tips and experiments you can use to improve your life. I started out with the domain thekaizen.life, but I don´t think its catchy or memorable enough...

Business Improvement Consultancy

Winner is Impravia.com out of 62 names

I'm in my process to establish a small private consulting office for business and operational improvement for both manufacturing and service companies. I would like to find a prestigious name for the office that would inspire clients..

Home Improvement and Renovation Website

184 names

Website gives the homeowner the ability to manage DIY projects, renovation projects and keep budgets related to home improvement projects. Would like a name that targets the do-it-yourself community and new homeowner...

Self Improvement Training for Men

238 names

I am creating a service to help men who are unhappy, boring, unattractive, down on their luck, etc. to become: happy, successful, interesting, attractive and masculine...

Home Improvement Directory

156 names

An Arizona based home improvement directory with a very select list of contractors and service providers. Quality and a high level of customer service are just two of the requirements for a company to be listed on this directory...

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