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15 Hosting Company Name Contests

Cloud Hosting Business

Winner is out of 343 names

Looking for a good domain name for a VPS / Cloud hosting business. Target audience is geeks, developers, and IT pros.

Image Hosting Printing Seller Image Storepage Marketplace

Winner is out of 448 names

We print your mobile smart phone pics from instagam, facebook, mobli, flickr etc on a variety of different products. You can also have your own store page selling your image on our products as well Want a .com domain name that is..

Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Company

Winner is out of 281 names

Sell domain, web hosting, e-mail, website builder and connected services Target: Europe domain services: registration, transfer, trade, privacy, lock, forward, masking webhosting services: webspace, url forward, DNS, name server, e-ma..

Name for an Exploration Classic Literature Themed Hostel

Winner is out of 75 names

The main concept which will guide the decoration and the brand of the hostel is" great classic literature travel/exploration novels"; for example Moby Dick, Jules Verne From the earth to the moon, Alice in Wonderland, Captain Nemo, Hitch..

Hosted Shopping Cart Platform Name

Winner is out of 93 names

The name will be used for hosted shopping cart platform. Something like or

Brand + Domain for Hosting/Cdn/Cloud/Security/Anti-Ddos/SaaS-Hosting Company

Winner is out of 173 names

I am looking for a domain name for an Hosting Company that focuses on, CDN, Cloud and managed hosting but additionally has a vast security team and a research and development team that recently developed a unique proxy that protects agai..

Localhost - Your Local Host for Quality Techs from Around the Globe

Winner is out of 146 names

A synonym that preserves the meaning of local and host, but catchy, and pleasure on the ears and eyes. ( sounds nice, looks nice -lowercase). herefromthere is a good example. can you come up with something better than both?

Web Design Freelancer and Host

Winner is out of 201 names

My name is Matt Smith and I make and host Wordpress websites for small businesses and individuals. I do the complete web site package for customers...

Web Design and Hosting Company

Winner is out of 119 names

Modern creative names please. Don't just appending/prefixes names to keywords please.

Hosting Company

Winner is out of 139 names

Looking for a domain name for a SSD company, we sell web hosting, dedicated servers and VPS

Cloud Web Hosting

Winner is out of 289 names

We are looking for name suggestion with a .com name availability. We want to start a business which is focused on Cloud Hosting, Web hosting at affordable cost...

Website Design and Hosting Company

Winner is out of 163 names

Website design and hosting company

Website to Easily Build Mobile Concierge Apps for Hotels & Hostels

Winner is out of 107 names

Website that enables hotels to build concierge mobile apps domains with less than 8 characters

Travel App for Finding Popular Hostels

Winner is out of 211 names

A travel app that finds hostels that are popular with other backpackers and that have a sociable atmosphere, so it's easy to meet other travelers while on the road. User's are shown a map of the world, and cities are ranked and placed o..

Online Hosting Business

Winner is out of 230 names

Hi, Im currently looking for an new bussness name for my hosting company, My company will offer Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Webhosting. You can make words up, But it has to be easey to remembe..

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