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15 How Name Contests

How to Open a Business - Domain Name

Winner is out of 104 names

We are looking for a domain name for website that will educate and guide readers on how to open a new business. We are looking for a memorable and brandable domain...

Cannabis Cooking Show and Cookbook

Winner is out of 74 names

Well...the title is pretty self explanatory. Domain name MUST be available.

How to be a Rainmaker

Winner is out of 35 names

Achievement/results coaching and consulting one on one coaching for personal success/improving personal results and business/marketing consulting and personal branding, life purpose and excellence

Wedding Card / Invitations / Baby Shower Invitation Etc Website

Winner is out of 407 names

--- Please note the name doesn't have to contain the word paper or invite, you can be creative im just looking for something different that is also catchy and easy to remember --- Looking for a simple but unique name for new boutique ..

Name for "How To" Video Course and Website

Winner is out of 280 names

I need a domain name for a website that will contain tips on how to make videos for the internet quick, easy, fast, and painless. There will also be several courses that will be about the same topic...

App for Showing (And Making) Bookings Outside Meeting Rooms

Winner is out of 261 names

We have developed an app to run on tablets mounted on the walls outside meetings/conference rooms, where it will show if the room is free/vacant or busy/occupied. It also shows you what the current meeting is about (the meeting subject)..

News Portal Live TV & Political Talkshows

Winner is out of 219 names

I. Domain name required for a website that will host Live TV, News Videos, Political Talk Shows and News Articles...

How to Get Healthy Body By Correctly Choosing what You Eat

Winner is out of 44 names

Website to educate people about the relation (and the importance) of food to health condition, how to lose weight safely, how to get good skin condition, even more broadly about healthy lifestyle education. Target audience: male/fem..

Mobile App and Web Site to Broadcast a Television Show for Selling Products

119 names

A new e-commerce/mobile commerce sales service that reinvents teleshopping on smartphones, tablets, and the web (i.e. consumer electronics, fashion items, love marks products...

Upscale Products for Birthday Parties and Baby Showers.

107 names

Upscale event planning online business with emphasis on a product for each event. Kids birthdays, baby showers and other life events

Website for Selling Project Management Know-How to Small Companies

154 names

The aim is to demystify the common perception that Project Management expertise is only for large corporations, through expensive consulting services and enterprise applications. Our website will sell worldwide affordable and easy t..

Digital Photography Information Site (How To?...)

310 names

Blog about how to get into digital photography, find the right digital camera, information about photo editing software and photo apps. Product reviews, like latest cameras, lenses, software, etc...

Blog that Teaches Web Designers How to Get More Clients

227 names

I am starting a blog that will document my transition from a full time web designer to being successfully self employed. I will be sharing everything that I do to find and sell projects to new clients...

TV Show Blog/Review Site

148 names

I am creating a website that mainly focuses on tv series streaming on services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. I will just give general opinions, commentary and some reviews of show...

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