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15 Kids Store Name Contests

Kids Email App

Winner is out of 152 names

I need a name for an app that will be used by elementary school kids. The app will be allow kids to email their family and friends...

Online Retailer of Accessories Giftware Kids and Babywear Children's Toys Etc.

Winner is CrazeMatic out of 217 names

Looking to re-brand. Online retailer selling on eBay/Amazon/Etsy...

Kids Healthy Fruit Snack

Winner is out of 43 names

Cute name, short and catchy. think "niblets". the product are little fruit bites for children. they are 100% fruit.

Kids Website

Winner is out of 152 names

Hi All I am in the process of designing a kids accessories website, but i am really struggling with a name for the website... Basically i will will be stocking most kids items from baby grows to cots etc.....

Interactive Kid Brand

Winner is out of 116 names

Hi - We're looking to start a new interactive publishing aimed at kids but we're stuck on the name. We'd like it to be fun and catchy...

Kids Healthcare Company

Winner is out of 108 names

Healthcare company targeting children between 10 and 18 and is focused on helping them get fit and become confident. Name needs to be short (4-5 letters long) and fun

Car Pooling for Kids

Winner is out of 155 names

An App that helps parents organize their kids transportation needs by creating and maintaining car pools: Target group moms with K - 12 kids, dads, care taker. We love short words that are easy to be pronounced by kids as well.

A Fun and Friendly Video Game Site for Kids

Winner is out of 289 names

Hi Guys, I'm creating fun and friendly games website for kids (boys & girls 5 - 13yrs) that has free app games and videos. This is for parents who know that their kids are on a friendly site with no concerns of adult/ teenage themes...

Name for a Business Dealing With Nutrition Fitness Healthy Families & Kids

Winner is out of 189 names

Hello! I have been having a hard time here.....

Kids Inflatable Swimming Suit

Winner is out of 206 names

"Fun comes with Safety" ! Our company has a swimingsuit that keeps your child safe, comfortable and confident in the water while learning how to swim...

Kids Clothing Line

Winner is out of 196 names

New baby and kids clothing line in the US, already under the name NANO in Canada but needing a new name in US We changed our mind and the name could be anything !

Kids Website

Winner is out of 331 names

I am looking for a fun name for a kids website which provides a guide to parents for kids activities in their area in the UK. I like names like littledayout, kidspot, littlemelbourne (for australia.

Retailer of Baby/Kids Products Eco-Friendly Toys But Also Gift Items for Adults.

Winner is out of 211 names

Looking for an available domain name. we are an online retailer that sells baby & kids products, pregnancy products, eco-friendly toys but also gift items for adults...

Parents/Kids Task List Tool With Optional Points and Rewards

Winner is out of 386 names

Parents assign kids tasks/chores/repsonsiblities, whatever you want to call them. It could be as simple as that (if the parent wants it to be, or it can be more complicated, and points can be given for each completed chore, and then aga..

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