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15 Labs Name Contests

Online Booking Service (White Label)

Winner is out of 39 names

I'm creating an online booking service for small businesses that want to accept online bookings. Clients might include tennis courts, massage shops, restaurants etc I'm looking for a catchy dotcom which can become my brand name No..

Online Private-Label Business Name Needed

Winner is out of 276 names

I'm starting up a private-label business selling mass market consumer products in the $10-$60 range online through Amazon and need to come up with a unique name for the business. I don't want the name to associate me with any particular..

Consulting Service which Helps Building Efficient and Scalable Web Services

Winner is out of 59 names

A relatively short (up to 4-12 characters) name; such that would be easy to remember or say. Only .com names or really short and smart uses of more exotic TLDs (such as '', '', '', etc.); or both as long/short versions...

Web Application Platform for Sharing and Collaboration - Like CRM CMS Etc...

Winner is out of 51 names

We have created a web application platform that includes a default suite of canned applications like CRM, CMS, Project Management, Email, Knowledgebase; and users can very easily create their own applications with a few simple clicks. W..

Private Label Distillery Name

Winner is out of 297 names

We are 110 year old distillery who makes spirits, liquors, vodka, gin etc.. We want to build and brand a seperate website to promote our private label services : If you come to us with an idea for any kind of alcohol, we make it ..

Name for a High Fashion Label Brand

Winner is out of 342 names

We are in the business of creating specialised hand embroideries for designers and fashion houses across the globe. This hand embroidery or beading is done on Bridal gowns, Wedding dresses, Bustier panels, Evening wear or red carpet gow..

Name for Online FBA/Private Label Seller

Winner is out of 196 names

We are looking for a memorable/catchy name for an online FBA seller. We are starting out doing FBA but will want to expand to private label, other sites, the future...

Name for Enterprise Software Service Provider With .Com or .De Domain Available

Winner is out of 242 names

A young German software development services company is looking for a short, artificial name (one that does not just put two words together side by side) that is international (not tied to a specific geography), modern (not using terms t..

Collaboration App Domain Name - Will Select Winner

Winner is out of 170 names

I am seeking a volunteer collaboration mobile app's .com domain name suggestion. The shorter the name, the better...

Super Quick and Easy Online Collaboration Tool for Teams

Winner is out of 108 names

Quick and easy online collaboration! Create spaces and invite people to collaborate, directly in your web-browser or on your phone...

Scalable Information Integrity Protection

Winner is out of 121 names

Large sized companies requiring ensure the integrity for any kind of documents, correspondence or files/data. Creation and automatic "signing" times are established by the system using complex mathematical algorhithms.

Employer/Employee Interface for Collaborating on Flextime Schedules

Winner is out of 166 names

We have built a flexible work scheduling solution that facilitates employer integration of work schedules beyond the confines of 9-5 by providing a unique employer/employee schedule collaboration interface. Our solution incentivizes gre..

Dental Lab

Winner is out of 236 names

We are a two certified dental technicians in orthodontics. We fabricate custom made dental retainer for after orthodontic treatment. Our clients are dentists . W e are looking for a good name to prompt online business.

Scalable Information Integrity Protection

Winner is out of 155 names

Large and medium sized companies requiring ensure the integrity for any kind of documents, correspondence or files/data. Will have legal power in court...

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