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Local Search Engine Name Contests

6386 domain name contests held

Contest Title Entries Winner
Local Event Finder Website 351 Townhop.co.uk
Local Retail Social Network-Like App 91 Shoprivy.com
Local SMS / Text Messaging Provider 426 MySMSPal.com
Name for Local Events Search Engine 201 Activyo.com
Domain for Local Reputation Marketing Business 188 IdealReputation.com
News Stories Mapped Down to the Local Level 238 Feedcreek.com
Local Jobsite 208 MyTaskPal.com
Localhost - Your Local Host for Quality Techs from Around the Globe 146 LocalHold.com
An App where Local Businesses Offer Deals 218 Grabzee.com
Brands to Local Presence 136 LocalPraise.com
Social Website for Finding Local Activities and Interesting Locations 147 Funlife.com
Deaf (And Related) Dating With Matchmaking and Local Search Mapping Options 188 DeafDoves.com
Local Classifieds Web Site \ Service. 59 Classifick.com
Local Tool Lending/Borrowing/Renting Site 119 LendMyTools.com
Domain Name for a Social Networking Site About Local Tour and Travel 46 LeadMyTour.com

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