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15 News Portal Name Contests

News Magazine Site

Winner is out of 163 names

News Magazine for online reading. Would prefer news related domain names, or single word lifestyle brandnames

Social Network/News Media Sharing Platform

Winner is out of 290 names

We are putting together a social network for the purpose of people being able to meet others with similar interests around the world. For example, if multiple people post that they are interested in the design of a specific building, t..

News Stories Mapped Down to the Local Level

Winner is out of 238 names

Looking for a name for a start up. Lots of mapped local news stories nationwide. some stories will be user submitted. Should be an aggregating site for news, as well as a worldwide hub for local and national information.

News Analytic Software for Stock Investment

Winner is out of 139 names

Hey guys, Take a look at We are currently renaming the company because it sounds too much like Enron which has a negative effect upon the company...

Social News Startup Focused on Viral Content With Some Original Reporting.

Winner is out of 150 names

We want Silly. Cheezberger, Onion, Buzz, Daily Chive etc. These type of sites have silly names. That is what we want. Looking for a catchy name, it even be kind of strange.NEEDS TO BE .COM Silly Style Name Welcome

Personalised News Website Specialising in Micro News Updates

Winner is out of 156 names

We are working on a personalised news service that allows users to subscribe to topics (e.g. "Barack Obama") and receive small/bitesize updates on them (e.g...

Create a Domain Name for a Website for Tech News for Less Experienced Users

Winner is out of 146 names

I'm trying to come up with a domain name for a website offering current tech news and community support for less experienced computer users. I'd like the domain name to be available in .com .net and .org, and be based around some keywo..

Web & Technology News Blog + Community

Winner is out of 183 names

Hi NameStation, I'm looking for an awesome brand/domain name which would be suitable for a web & technology news blog - please see the sites listed as name examples for an idea of what I'm aiming for in terms of name and functionality..

Domain Name for News Aggregator and Comment Website/Forum

Winner is out of 168 names

We need a good domain name for a news aggregator and comment website (like reddit, digg or stumbleupon). It needs to be pronounceable, somewhat short, and easy to use as a verb or noun ("I'm a redditor", "I digg it")...

News / Entertainment Blog

Winner is out of 261 names

Im.looking for a cool name for an entertainment fun news blog The blog will have several categories of the type if news articles like Sports world funny etc Name should be brandable Cool names which are already taken ar..

Four Letters Domain for Tech News for Youtube

Winner is out of 24 names

I want new name 4 letters has no numbers good one and compatible with seo and have keywords

News Portal Live TV & Political Talkshows

Winner is out of 219 names

I. Domain name required for a website that will host Live TV, News Videos, Political Talk Shows and News Articles...

Social Network News Website

Winner is out of 139 names

Building a Thailand related website that is very similar to Would like the name to be a play on words, that is sort and sweet but some how still discribes what the site is about. Would like to have the word Thai in it so peop..

Senior/Elderly News Website

Winner is out of 268 names

We are building a news site for seniors and their families. The topics will be of general interest to seniors, roughly age 65+...

Non-Profit Citizen Journalism News Website

Winner is out of 175 names

MISSION: Social Change Through Citizen Awareness Charitable Humans is a non-profit organization dedicated to the ideas that people matter and that change is achievable. As human beings, we are in control of our environment, society, ..

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