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15 Offers Name Contests

Business Name Offering Courses in Electronic Product Development

Winner is out of 111 names

Looking for a name for a new online business which offers courses in electronic product development for new tech entrepreneurs and engineers looking to make the leap from workshop tinker to product developers. Course material is tech..

Consulting Group that Offers Customized Resources K12

Winner is out of 48 names

Name for a consulting company that helps source custom curriculum or instructional resources including technology, books, professional development resources for grades K-12 USA. We offer a virtual personal shopping experience for school..

Piano Lessons Offered in Private and Charter Schools (During the Day)

Winner is out of 66 names

This company will offer private music lessons in private and charter schools during day-time hours. I would like the name to reflect that piano/music lessons are not only creative, fun, and engaging, but something to do with smarts/inte..

An App where Local Businesses Offer Deals

Winner is out of 218 names

A user can download the app and get deals for local businesses. It needs to be short enough to show up as the name for an iphone app. Ideally one or two words.

A Website Offering Massage Beauty and Other Services in Home of Client

Winner is out of 44 names

A website offering massage (and other relaxation treatments), beauty(hairdressing, nails) and other services that can be offered in the home of a client (=a professional therapist comes in the home of the client to offer the service).

Website/E-Business Offering Remote Monitoring Data-Centre/Cloud Operations

Winner is out of 51 names

Main business focus id offering remote monitoring services for it infratsructure targeting smb. on top of the monitoring service, tuning assistants/advisories and/or professional consulting will be offered...

We Need a Name for a Parent Company that Offers a Broad Range of Services.

40 names

We are a long standing marketing service provider. We are branching out into a lot of different areas...

Software Vendor Offering Apps for Rent in the Cloud (SaaS)

10 names

Software vendor offering apps for rent in the cloud (Saas). like we need a brand name and for independent apps...

Web 2.0 Site Offering Easily Created Websites Optimized for Mobile Phones

43 names

Service will be geared towards easy creation and hosting of sites optimized to be displayed on mobile browsers. Brief overview of product: Example of a generated site: ..

Name for a Company which Offers a Playground for Early Adopters and Geeks.

41 names

Hi, I am looking for a name for a company which offers a playground for early adopters where they can test geeky products like gadgets new apps....

Name for a Tech Startup Company With an Existing Software Offer

58 names

We're establishing a company for an existing software package, called Spike-Engine ( ). This is a modern tech startup, which will be established soon and we need help with a good, evocant umbrella name for r..

Name for Company which Offers Research Advice

105 names

The company offers advice on research methods, data collection, survey and questionnaire design, customer and area profiling. Services are provided to charities, community groups and small businesses...

Business Franchise that Offers Fitness Training and Products

399 names

This is an online business, virtual storefront, targeting people to join our franchise. We want to convey this franchise is easy (little/no risk) with great rewards (become fit while making money).

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