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15 Personalized Gifts Name Contests

Personalized Nursery Art

Winner is out of 121 names

I am staring up a business that will be selling art work for a number of artists. The art is personalized name/birth/zodiac/baptize art for children/nurseries...

Educational Personalized Learning Platform

Winner is out of 108 names

This is an educational platform that brings all possible academic subjects (math, science, language, etc) to maximize learner’s efficiency on learning through personalized program. Let’s imagine a personal AI(Artificial Intelligence) le..

Name Brand Watches Personalized By You

Winner is out of 76 names

ECommerce company that would allow a customer to personalize a name brand watch (of your choice) with things such as a Logo, Initials, Year, Number, Degree, Anniversary Date, etc. The personalization would take place on the face (o..

Personalized Paper Greeting Card Delivery Service Via Web

25 names

Send personalised (could be a photo too) real paper greeting cards from any net enabled device. Send this from anywhere to anybody in the world, we will deliver a real paper greeting card.

Marketplace With Personalized Designer Products (Create Buy & Sell)

183 names

The ideal name should be: short, easy to remember and write in most languages? ?..

Name for Personalized Portraits Business

114 names

We turn photos of our customers into beautiful digitally illustrated works of art that will then be printed on canvas for our customer to hang at home. While the name does not have to include a keyword like art or portraits, it would..

Personalized Information Delivery

194 names

A service that delivers personalized information based on individual taste (e.g News on a specific topic). Imagine something like Google News but more personalized and also social with direct user interaction/collaboration...

Brand Name for a New Personalized Hair Care System

236 names

A new line of hair care products tailored specifically for an unusually large number of specific hair profiles, with a tag line "Personalized Hair Care System."

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