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15 Plan Name Contests

Name for a Wedding & Event Planner Company in Italy

Winner is out of 268 names

We are looking for a name for a wedding planner company, one or more words. It has to be an english word (or words) and it should refer to a high-end destination wedding service...

Holiday Planning Website

Winner is out of 459 names

Step by step (day by day) holiday and weekend planning website. Organize your vacations like you want, plan the budget / flights / travel / restaurants / hotels...

Fan Event Planners Blog

Winner is out of 244 names

I need a name for my fan even planners blog, providing advice, tips, tricks, resources, and best practices to other event planners. It's main focus is fan-based events, often with a geeky/nerdy spin (think sci-fi or comic conventions l..

Absence Planer for Companies

Winner is out of 394 names

The application is a web-application (software as a service) for small and medium-sized businesses to manage the times of absence from their employees, e.g. vacation, illness and training...

Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking Business

Winner is out of 144 names

Business that can help people get the appropriate home or investment loan and assist in giving advice on investing into property or managed funds and arranging risk insurance (e.g. life insurance, income protection etc.) and help with t..

Catchy Name for Non-Profit Bone Marrow Transplant Expenses

Winner is out of 165 names

I'm looking for a catchy ACRONYM for this, if possible. I'm starting a non-profit to help people who are going through bone marrow transplants finance their expenses, more specifically their housing expenses...

Service to Plan and Book Business Travel

Winner is out of 214 names

This service will automatically plan and book business travel in one minute. It appeals to frequent business travelers who value their time and want to easily manage their travel.

Career Planning Website

Winner is out of 182 names

Membership website that will assist members in identifying and finding their dream job.

Event Planning Name and Slogan

Winner is out of 232 names

I am looking for an event planning name that would appeal to both the corporate and private sectors, showing that the company is both professional, in-vogue, chic, organized, trustworthy, reputable, unique. To better know me and wha..

Whole Food Plant-Based Blog

Winner is out of 159 names

Blog focused on the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet that's oil free. Need a name that's clever and brandable. Shorter is better.

Site for Software Developers that Uses Proceeds to Fund Tree Planting Charities

Winner is out of 219 names

Update: After seeing a lot of the suggestions, I think I'm more keen on a nice .io than a .com - a lot of the .com suggestions are two words joined together, there are some good ones in there, but I think I'd prefer something more branda..

Domain Name for Insurance Financial Planning With Target Market for Entrepreneur

Winner is out of 154 names

Need domain name to increase entrepreneurs potential growth with peace of mind after taken care their protection - be it legacy or illnesses. Entrepreneur mindset - Insuring your productive assets, you’re transferring the risk of los..

Happy Healthy Plant Based Mind

Winner is out of 169 names

I am opening a practice as an orthomolecular therapist and a health advisor.I am also an aerobic instructor so people might expect advice in the field of sport and fitness.I am a plant based nutritionist, meaning my lifestyle advice will..

Online Meal Planner Website for Busy Fmailies and Singles

Winner is out of 199 names

Online Meal Planner website using fresh ingredients to prepare economical, healthy and delicious meals. I am wanting to steer people away from buying takeaway (takeout) food and processed foods...

Healthy Prepared Meals/Meal Plans for Athletes

Winner is out of 231 names

**EDIT** After the initial names I would like to make a couple comments about the name. -We are looking for a brandable name, some of the domains are more descriptive than brandable...

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