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15 Rent a Car Name Contests

Trendy Gifts Wedding Home Decor and Boutique Goods

Winner is out of 143 names

Our products are trendy boutique style shop that include home decor, wedding, mugs, posters, wood wall art...etc...We need a name that could be sentimental, positive thinking/inspiring, chic, or even abstract with some hip words. Stop a..

A Trendy Gourmet Gluten-Free Cookie Subscription Box

Winner is out of 163 names

A gluten-free cookie subscription box that is for women in their 20s to 30s who want something that is trendy, modern and indulgent. The cookies are gourmet and instead of the traditional gluten-free chocolate chip cookie they will be d..

Trendy Name For a Web Development Training & Open Source Company

376 names

We are looking for an extremely trendy name for a web development company focusing on the following: 1. Creating plugins for open source systems (wordpress, joomla etc) 2...

Businessname for a Mobile Trend Research Company

109 names

We are looking for a new name for a young trend research company that is building a mobile app. The App will generate quick answers to specific questions from medium sized companies...

Online Kids Store - a Dot Com Catchy Trendy and Brandable Name

180 names

This will be used to sell kids items online. The name should be trendy. It should be brandable. We will sell all kids items like toys, apparel, story books... etc. Please contact me for further information.

Trendy Name for Accessories Store (Women and Men)

98 names

I am looking for one of either two styles of names that give the impression of fun, unique, chic, stylish, trendy fashion items. Style 1) It can be two random words or two words/name with an "and"...

Website for Trending News Topics

86 names

I want to create a Website that shows a list of current trending Topics in the News. The Website will share News Articles according to the most mentioned topics to social networking platforms...

Website for Discussing Trending Consumer Products

176 names

Looking to create a website that talks about all the latest consumer products, hot trendy things that people are craving, and new and upcoming products. Social discussion is also key, the site will let people broadcast their excitement ..

Trending News Site

413 names

The name is for a start up news site with a focus on Politics, General News, & Viral Stories similar to Huffington Post and BuzzFeed Examples of Names I like: BuzzFeed, Elite Daily, The Daily Beast, PetFlow, Mashable, TechCrunch, SFGa..

Need a Catchy Trendy Unforgettable Name for a Skills Learning App

385 names

The app lets you meet people in your neighborhood who can teach you any skill. I have been trying names with these words: learn, teach, skill, talent, wise, guru...

Social Network of Trend Spotters for the Fashion Industry

172 names

The Challenge: We are creating a social network of trend spotters. The Audience: Aged 18 - 40 Mid-range income Interested in fashion trends The Tone: Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative The vision: To keep people on tr..

Creative Name for Record Label / Trendy Fashion

114 names

What is your Business/ Brand about? Record Label, Trendy Fashion, Club Night Names We Don't Like Anything that contains the word Label, Fashion...

Trendy Wellness Brand Offering Flexibile Options (Gyms Yoga Martial Arts Etc.)

285 names

The brand will offer membership holders an opportunity to have access to gyms, yoga, pilates etc wellness options. It will also be flexible in terms of the time periods for which they can sign up (i.e...

Interior Design App With Photo-Real Rendering

378 names

The app combines simple drag and drop mechanism with cutting edge technology that brings interior designs to lifelike photo-real quality. What used to take days can now take only minutes and provide results that are on-par with any desk..

Website for Selling Trendy Clothes and Accessories

185 names

Selling trendy clothes and accessories for woman. trying to sell clothes that look close to what a celebrity might have worn but much cheaper version , in price not in quility!

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