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15 Restaurant Review Blog Name Contests

Easy Restaurant Check Out

Winner is out of 267 names

The idea is to make the payment process invisible at restaurant. The guest would check in with her or his smartphone, get the live list of ordered items and check out...

Vlog for Local Restaurants Bars and Shops.

Winner is out of 134 names

I'm working on a project that will be presented as a video blog. The purpose of the blog is to highlight local restaurants, bars, and shops that are one of a kind...

Organic Pizza Restaurant

Winner is out of 242 names

I am looking for name suggestions for a new restaurant chain which will serve delicious, organic, gluten free, high quality pizzas. We are looking for either a name related to the healthiness of our products or just a random, positi..

Breakfast Restaurant

Winner is out of 211 names

We are trying to come up with a name for a breakfast/ lunch restaurant. We want something inviting, cozy, and yet still a little trendy...

Bar and Restaurant Events Website

Winner is out of 67 names

Bars and restaurants will list their daily events and/or offers. Free to use to both the business listing the event and to the user searching for an event...

Restaurant Recommendation App Name and .Com Domain

Winner is out of 106 names

We're looking for a name/domain for a restaurant recommendation app/service based on friends rating and suggestions, based on where you are and what you're doing, in order to provide the best suggestion. Name should be mnemonic, easy t..

Oyster Bar and Restaurant Names

114 names

We are opening an oyster bar in Panama City Beach (Inlet Beach) to be exact. The Gulf of Mexico is about 200 yards away...

Find Designs Find a Pro & Shop for a Concept : Home Office Restaurant Etc

140 names

1. Providing users home interiors-exteriors ideas/inspirations and office/hospitality design ideas/inspirations 2...

Table Booking/ Food Delivery/ Restaurant Review Website

296 names

We are looking for company name + domain name for a new mobile app. We are launching a mobile app that allows users to reserve tables, order food for home delivery, and review restaurants...

Web Design/Marketing for Restaurants

208 names

Hello Guys, Again, thank you for your time and I am looking forward to see some fresh, exciting, catchy and easy to remember names.

Event/Restaurant/Experience App & Website

278 names

We're rebranding an existing app that is currently focused on events only, into one that encompasses events, restaurants, 'experiences', cinema, etc and other possible activities in the future. Imagery: Going out to cool places, meet..

Wait Times at Restaurants

111 names

The company will provide an easy way for people to know how long the wait is at local establishments. The domain must be available for this company name and we are looking for something that is "left field" and out of the ordinary alon..

Pizzeria Restaurant

96 names

I am looking for a name for a new pizzeria/Italian restaurant. It should be modern but not too edgy, the ambiance will be warm (reclaimed brick and barn wood) Preferably a single word which is easily remembered, however I am open to a..

Retail Wine Shop With Small Restaurant Attached

79 names

Looking for a name that conveys the idea to the consumer that the shop is a wine retailer and restaurant combined. 5-6 tables serving lunch, and dinner...

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