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Room Name Contests

Escape Rooms

Winner is out of 243 names

You have 60 minutes to escape. There is 4 rooms to choose from, so choose wisely...

Escape Room!

Winner is out of 546 names

My Escape Room site needs a name. Players have 60 minutes to work as a team to collect the clues and solve the brain challenges...

App for Showing (And Making) Bookings Outside Meeting Rooms

Winner is out of 261 names

We have developed an app to run on tablets mounted on the walls outside meetings/conference rooms, where it will show if the room is free/vacant or busy/occupied. It also shows you what the current meeting is about (the meeting subject)..

A Site where You Can Find Roommates or Apartment Lisitngs

Winner is out of 230 names

Brandable or can have keywords in it, but I have no Keywords at the moment. It's a site that allows you to search for apartments or find people who are looking roommates in your area...

Online Tools for Market Researches (Research Blogs Chatrooms Diaries Forums)

Winner is out of 82 names

The site we are planning to start will offer several tools for market researcher - online focus groups, research blogs, forums, research diaries, videochat (all used in qualitative research). Researchers invite their respondents in..

Dog Grooming and Dog Walking

200 names

I starting a dog grooming and dog walking business up and Im looking for a good name that people will remember. Also people will need to know what I do just by the name :) I have looked on the internet can not find anything to cover b..

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