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To create Scholarship names, we have compiled a list of associated words - fellowship, diploma, professorship, tuition, graduate etc. Use our domain name generators to create niche names and check availabilty instantly.

15 Scholarship Name Contests

College Scholarship Finder

Winner is out of 284 names

New web site that matches up students with compatible colleges and scholarships. Looking for a fun, made-up word that is 2-3 syllables + easy to remember...

Nonprofit for Healthcare Education Scholarships in Developing Countries

Winner is out of 229 names

We raise money for full ride nursing, pharmacy, md, etc. scholarships for students in Haiti. We need a name! We are very fun and use bright colors and happy videos in our promos. The name need not be stark, boring, or too serious.

Scholarship Website

Winner is out of 331 names

This is a website to list college scholarships. The main customer is students looking for scholarships, with a secondary customer of scholarship providers who want to post opportunities.

Higher Education Scholarship/Grant Database

112 names

An Education Technology project focused on providing a smarter, more streamlined process for students to discover and apply for scholarships to help them stay out of debt. Should be fun and easy to spell...

Art Student Scholarship Foundation

84 names

The foundation is a non-profit organization developed in honor of my father. He passed away and left me his valuable art collection of photographs he made throughout his life...

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