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15 Search Engine Website Name Contests

Online SEO & Digital Marketing/Search Marketing Agency

Winner is out of 75 names

I am creating a SEO / Digital Search Marketing Agency. This is a company which will mainly specialise in helping small and large businesses improve their positions in search engines and by doing this, they will end up with more traff..

Help Us With a Name: Search Engine for All Your Social Networks

Winner is out of 167 names

Fellow domainers; Please read the product description below and let me know of any good domain names available. The platform lets you connect email messages, contacts, calendar events as well as documents from Dropbox, Facebook, T..

Social Search Company Name

Winner is out of 343 names

We are looking for BRANDABLE name for a people search Company. Our target audience is professionals of all ages...

Social Search Engine

Winner is out of 199 names

This name contest is for a new startup that is a "social search engine". The search function is largely based around hashtags and it finds keyword relevant content within multiple social networks simultaneously (Twitter, Google+, F..

Price Search Website

Winner is out of 123 names

We are building a great price search website, basically its a search engine for prices, we try to be as comprehensive as possible and include as many merchants as we can, we are currently working from europe but wants to expand, so the n..

Ebay and Amazon International Search Website

Winner is out of 187 names

We are looking for an easy remember-able domain name, for our website - overall search engine that will search all eBay and Amazon sites at once and show you items from all eBay’s over the world. You will be able to find your item for t..

Sweepstakes Contests Prizes and Giveaways Search Engine

Winner is out of 104 names

The mission of this web site page is to list as many online contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways available online as possible! The page contains links to individual contests, as well as blogs and websites that list daily (sometimes hour..

Shoe Search Engine

Winner is out of 139 names

I originally had 'shoegle' in mind; a contraction of 'shoe' and 'google'. However, legal suggested me to alter it because it is prone to legal actions from google...

Cloud Based Link Building Service (Search Engine Optimization)

Winner is out of 230 names

We're developing a service in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) niche that will allow users to sign up and put together link building campaigns. The service will automate the entire link building process...

Name for a Job Search Company

Winner is out of 223 names

We are looking for the perfect name for a job search company : it has to be short (two / three syllables), easy to spell out (better if it passes radio test).

AI Research Assistant

Winner is out of 179 names

We are looking for ideas to name an AI research assistant. For people who create or rely upon research reports and presentations, this product automatically finds information, analyzes it, and drafts deliverables...

Need a Name for my Writing/ Research/ Editing Consulting LLC

Winner is out of 373 names

I am a consultant starting a LLC. I will be offering services to non-profits, small businesses, and large corporations...

Editorial Flight Search

Winner is out of 123 names

We build a flight search that welcomes the user with editorial content (connected to flying) and offers unique way of comparing flight options with the little bit of extra. We target people for whom (flight) quality comes before the pri..

Gift Search and Delivery

Winner is out of 240 names

Gift search and delivery. Gifts by local artisans and boutique gift providers...

Name for Local Events Search Engine

Winner is out of 201 names

I'm looking for a name for a site that allows users to search and discover events & things to do in their area. The focus of the site is on simplicity - the user enters a location (ex: Los Angeles, CA), distance (ex: 5 miles) and t..

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