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    Name for Local Events Search Engine

    I'm looking for a name for a site that allows users to search and discover events & things to do in their area. The focus of the site is on simplicity - the user enters a location (ex: Los Angeles, CA), distance (ex: 5 miles) and ti..

    Winner: chosen from 201 names

    Gift Search and Delivery

    Gift search and delivery. Gifts by local artisans and boutique gift providers. Gifts of quality, that are sourced locally and don't charge a huge premium for delivery. Supports local small business and cooperatives. Name shouldn't be ..

    Winner: chosen from 240 names

    Editorial Flight Search

    We build a flight search that welcomes the user with editorial content (connected to flying) and offers unique way of comparing flight options with the little bit of extra. We target people for whom (flight) quality comes before the pric..

    Winner: chosen from 123 names

    Shoe Search Engine

    I originally had 'shoegle' in mind; a contraction of 'shoe' and 'google'. However, legal suggested me to alter it because it is prone to legal actions from google...

    Winner: chosen from 139 names

    Social Search Engine

    This name contest is for a new startup that is a "social search engine". The search function is largely based around hashtags and it finds keyword relevant content within multiple social networks simultaneously (Twitter, Google+, Fa..

    Winner: chosen from 199 names

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