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Spray Tan Name Contests

Ecommerce Store Selling Paint Sprayers/Guns and Related Accessories

Winner is PaintSpark.com out of 346 names

I need a brandable domain name for an online store I am starting. The store will sell paint sprayers/guns and related accessories (such as hoses, guns, tips, etc.)...

Money Remittance Service

Winner is JetCents.com out of 181 names

We are launching an online business for expats to send funds back home to their families.

AI Research Assistant

Winner is Presentimatic.com out of 179 names

We are looking for ideas to name an AI research assistant. For people who create or rely upon research reports and presentations, this product automatically finds information, analyzes it, and drafts deliverables...

Virtual Assistant

Winner is NowVirtualAssistance.com out of 93 names

I need a name for my virtual assistant business. I am so stuck on this and I need it to go forward...

Infertility Treatment Financial Assistance

Winner is AllyFertility.com out of 49 names

Modern company providing affordable options and financing for infertility treatment. Trying to avoid one word cliche names like our competitors (WIN Fertility, Attain IVF, Prosper, Hope). Something simple, but creative.

Strategic Management Consultancy Firm

Winner is StramaConsulting.com out of 84 names

Consulting Firm specialising in the Hospitality/Hotel Sector. Areas of work will include investment appraisals, market and project assessments, operational excellence and improvement, design and construction management, recruitment and..

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