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15 Startup Business Name Contests

Startup Company - Link Doctors Patents and Drug Companies

Winner is out of 125 names

Start up Company - Link doctors, patents and drug companies. The name for both business and domain Simple to remember, Catchy , Unique...

Technology Startup Name Review

Winner is out of 160 names

I am trying to get some ideas and names for naming a pvt. limited company that I wish to start...

Startup for Hire Car / Car Booking

Winner is out of 180 names

We are looking for name for startup company / product offering software + mobile app for hire car companies. Main feature for customer is to book a ride ("I need to get to airport tomorrow 6pm") ...

A Blog About Startups

Winner is out of 162 names

A blog that deals with all aspects of a tech startup. Ideally the suffix should be "start" or "startup" and the domain should not be more than 10 letters long.

App Development Company Startup

Winner is out of 367 names

Mobile application development startup. I Like short names easy to remember, techie words is ok, also fantasy names.

E Commerce Startup in the "Medical Supplies"

Winner is out of 311 names

For an E Commerce Startup for "Medical Consumables ; Medical Devices & Medical Equipment" Would like to show integrity; authenticity; quick service and reliability. Would like to have a smart name - like "Procuremed"; "forMed"; "me..

New Startup in Service Design

Winner is out of 309 names

New startup of smart creatives, planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers.

Name for Internet Startup

Winner is out of 240 names

Detailed brief: Concept: Before the internet, it was difficult for private donators to donate for a good cause in the comfort of their own homes. The donators are encouraged to donate by incentivising the rewards by entering their dona..

Need Name for Influence Marketing Startup

Winner is out of 233 names

We want to be recognized as the prime connection between influencers and brands using social networks for the region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). A marketplace enables companies to acquire new customers through online influencers, at ..

Tech Startup - Salesforce.Com Based Advisory Firm

Winner is out of 63 names

Boutique tech startup offering tech advisory and custom solutions to clients on a platform called Currently focused on small to medium businesses...

Interesting Name for Elearning Startup

Winner is out of 107 names

We are a startup e-learning company, where we design and create training / learning content and make it available for people on an online platform. Our expertise lies in creating content in the areas of banking, finance and insurance...

New Tech Startup Name

Winner is out of 292 names

Simply put, we are building a platform that will bring all the tools you love under one roof, and make use of the valuable data like never before! Imagine having access to everything from one place that is easy to use and customizable...

Naming A Software Development Startup

Winner is out of 181 names

I am in the process of rebranding my startup and have a few domains booked, but I am also open to other propositions. My company builds Web based software...

Name for a Web Development Startup

Winner is out of 339 names

The name of the company (and domain) should be short and memorable; something catchy should do the trick. The door is open for anything really, so long as it is not offensive or outrageously long (single word names and domains are ideal)...

New Revenue-Focused Startup Accelerator

Winner is out of 157 names

I need a name for a new virtual / global startup accelerator whose target will be companies that don't want to raise any money or give away equity to venture capitalists. Instead companies will provide a royalty on their revenue to the..

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