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15 Super Name Contests

Retailer of Dried Fruit Nit and Superfoods

Winner is out of 260 names

Niche market retailer of dried fruit , nuts and superfoods. Target audience those committed to a healthy fitness lifestyle

Super Quick and Easy Online Collaboration Tool for Teams

Winner is out of 108 names

Quick and easy online collaboration! Create spaces and invite people to collaborate, directly in your web-browser or on your phone...

Super Fast Issue Tracker Web Application Best Suited for Developers

Winner is out of 189 names

We are developers every day dealing with issues about our code that come from clients, tester or other programmers. After trying what the market of issue tracker applications has to offer we decided to build an innovative issue tracker ..


Winner is out of 163 names

This is for a new online store selling superhero stuff such as apparels, accessories, shoes etc. The name has to be catchy, funky and young...

Web-Shop With Slow Juicers Blenders Health Supplements and Super-Foods.

Winner is out of 499 names

The name needs to reflect health and is targeted to health conscience persons, looking to improve and/or maintain their healthy lifestyle. We need an easy to remember simple name max 12 characters if possible...


53 names

I need a name for a website that will sell direct types of "superfoods", which are traditional foods used by different traditional tribes around the world to stay healthy and happy. They are dried herbs, spices, roots, etc...

Superfoods Store

86 names

I need a domain name that has the word "superfoods" in it. It will be for an online store that sells many organic, healthy, superfoods. NOTE: it cannot have the word "organic" in it! I cannot use that word.

Web App Company Focused on Super Simple Enterprise Tools

121 names

We'll first tackle web apps for services companies (consultancies, agencies, etc), and then broaden from there. Attributes to communicate could (not required) include: - simplicity - ease of use - innovation - speed (of a..

Simple and Super Secure File Share Service

220 names

Hi, We are looking for a catchy and short name for an upcoming secure file sharing service. Since our target user group is fairly broad, the name should not be too geeky: many users will be more interested in the convenience of th..

Daily Anti-Aging Super Supplement

208 names

Looking for a name for a new vitamin / natural supplement. .com preferable but not required.

Organic Super Foods Cold Pressed Juices and Oils

90 names

Company to sell organic superfood , cold pressed juices and oil products.

Super Thin Iphone Case

165 names

We are looking for a brand name for our iPhone cell phone cases. We manufacture super thin iPhone cases (similar to and we are looking for a brand name that signifies Minimalism, Style and Innovation...

Organic Superfoods Health Site

306 names

The business sells organic superfoods, ayurvedic products and supplements, organic bodycare products also. The business is about selling foods and products that improve and maintain health, but that are tasty as well...

Online Healthy Products Supermarket

221 names

Our mission is to provide healthy alternatives for families (food, cosmetics, etc), encouraging local farmers and spreading awareness about clean eating and living in general. We sell chemical free products (fruits, vegetables, meat, po..

Name for a Superstore

101 names

This is a small store that caters to a small community. Needs to be catchy...

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