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    Wellness Center

    Wellness and healing center using billable holistic treatments and procedures.

    • 206 names
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    Naming a Fitness and Wellness Business

    We are a small fitness and wellness business that offers PILATES , gyrotonics, massage, reiki, and other energy healing systems like bodytalk. Are customers are health conscious, intuitive, spiritual, seeker, curious, We offer individual attention..

    • 169 names
    • 5 keywords
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    Women's Health & Wellness Website

    Women's wellness consultancy with services including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Behavioural profiling, Corporate wellness, workshops/training services as well as HypnoBirthing antenatal courses. Site includes a health & wellness blog ,fre..

    • 300 names
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    Health and Wellness Portal/App Name

    We are looking to spin-off a company that will focus on e-Health products for customers. Our first product is around medication management and ePrescribing. The app also helps remind people to take their meds on time and communicate back with their h..

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    Wellness, beauty and healthy pourpose website. The web address you suggest must be unused and ready to be purchased. Domain has to be ".com" only (well, if other domain suffixes can make up a f*king great name that we can't resist, we can give some ..

    • 277 names
    • 8 keywords
    • 22 votes

    Health and Wellness Platform

    An online portal/platform for time-starved health conscious people who want to proactively take charge of their health and overall wellness. Designed to easily inform, inspire and connect you to relevant health and wellness experts and resources arou..

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    • 24 votes

    Health and Wellness - Therapeutic Exercises for Office Workpl..

    A website which teaches easy to do exercise and stretches for people sitting on computers for long hours to avoid repetitive strain injuries. Our mission is to create awareness and provide a solution to all those people working behind a computer.

    • 159 names
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    • 59 votes

    Exercise/Wellness Site for Health Professionals & Accompanyin..

    An application which empowers health professionals give patients personalized exercise programmes. The patient uses the smartphone to track their exercise and also will have access to social networking, gamification etc. Target audience is the health..

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    Name for Women's General Health and Wellness Youtube Channel ..

    This name will primarily be for a youtube channel and also for a blog which will be an extension of the youtube channel. This channel & blog will provide a wide variety of topics related to women ages 20's to mid 40's. I am a certified holistic health ..

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    Indian Wellness Site

    Creating a platform for Indian Wellness market including a regularly updated blog of latest trends and ideas in the wellness and beauty segment in India. Will be a B2C website with more consumer focussed information like wellness tips, beauty tips etc...

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AuroraWellnessClinic.com InbodyBalance.com ConsciousWomensHealth.com
UplinkHealth.com Wellova.com Wellunity.com
SedentaryStretch.com WellIgnite.com BeautyOfBodyAndMind.com
BodyZen.in AbundanceEarthMarket.com ExerciseWeekly.com
SpaPlace.com HealthPress.com SportGroup.com
HealthNewsletter.com BodybuildingGroup.com HealthChronicle.com
BurnWeekly.com BurnLink.com TrainingBlogger.com
TrainerTales.com LiftEditor.com LiftWeblog.com
VitaminsGroup.com TrainerFlash.com WorkoutReader.com
FitnessIssue.com NutriWord.com StrongAnnouncer.com

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