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15 World Name Contests

Domain Regarding World Hunger Problem

Winner is out of 155 names

I want to start a service regarding the problem of world hunger. The aim of this website will be informing people (also politicians and CEO's of corporations) about size of this drama...

Online Retail: Better World Through Better Fashion

Winner is out of 176 names

A social company to sell sustainable (organic, fair trade....) fashion on line for a better world, given % of profits to NGOs. Slogan, "Be part of a solution" It will be a transparent company...

Creative URL for a Site in Esoteric World

Winner is out of 74 names

Creative URL for a site in esoteric world of uncovering ancient history and modern hidden secrets We are looking for a site that encompass the hidden, secret world of how how ancient history and modern times are a veil that covers the r..

Online Worldwide Big Brands Chocolate Shop

Winner is out of 228 names

We want to offer overseas students, ex pats, those working away from home the opportunity to purchase some familiar big brand chocolate. Chocolate bars that would have been part of their childhood...

A Co that Invests in Infrastructure Around the World.Maybe Historical Reference?

Winner is out of 99 names

A company that invests in Infrastructure around the world. Maybe historical?..

Not for Profit World Change Organization

Winner is out of 104 names

We are a not for profit organization created for world change. Supporting various humanitarian and environmental causes, grants for business startups, innovations and inventions to create a healthier and more harmonious world...

World's Best Furniture Dealership - Top Brand

188 names

Contemporary Provide impression of a great design brand that loves to improve living and office environments. Please visit Herman miller website - review the brand and marketing material before suggesting.

Name for Real-World Photo Sharing Social Network.

195 names

We are looking for a name for a Real-world Photo Sharing App. The service allows events to set up printers and people will then send in photos which will then be posted onto photowalls...

World Class First Level Domain for Jobs Searching in Hospitality

125 names

Hospitality consultant and selector, which selects and supplies all kinds of personal and local catering companies both domestically and internationally.

Bringing Together the World's Investors

160 names

Domain would IDEALLY be a made-up / mashed-up short word that reflects... an open, transparent, financial research platform where professional and retail investors share and gather their unique perspectives on the global markets

World Wide Booking Site

202 names

I wold like to build a site similar to but i don't want to have their name in my site

Professional Network for the Art World

161 names

Users will be galleries, artists, and art lovers. It will be a professional networking social media site like LinkedIn but limited to the art world...

Powering the Poor in Off Grid Rural Communities in the World

135 names

Electrification powers connectivity. Connectivity powers knowledge. Knowledge powers social and economic progress.

Please Suggest a COMPANY NAME for Worldwide Shopping Platform

190 names

NEW DESCRIPTION ================ Please suggest a company name for worldwide platform that helps all kinds of businesses to easily offer their products and services with discounts. Consumers find deals they wants, get them and go di..

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